10 thoughts on “Last Throw-Back: “One Day, You’ll Be Cool.”

  1. Zep and Joni Mitchell in the same collection? Yeah, that happened all the time! 😀

    My sister often told me that some day I’d learn to stop disrespecting authority and would be happier because of it.

    • Believe it or not, I had Joni, Led Zep, ZZ Top, Bloodrock, CSNY, and on and on all in the same LP collection.
      Love the quote by your sister, but don’t believe I could have followed her advice either.
      Cheers Mate!

      • Come to think of it, I had some incongruity in my record collection, too. All thanks to the Columbia Record Club. 12 LP’s for only a penny! Only eight in the flyer worth having.

      • My step-sister signed up for that too. She gots tons of LP’s. (Most sucked in my opinion). Then she could not pay the bill for the ones that kept coming. My Father had to bail her out, but that was OK: She was “Daddy’s Little Hippie Princess.” If I had pulled a stunt like that, I would have become an indentured servant for some years to pay it off.
        (Do I sound bitter? Have issues?)
        Cheers and Happy Friday to you my Friend.

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