Memorial day is coming. We need to remember the Soldiers and our family.

Please take a few moments and read this.



We need to stop and remember the people missed. Memorial day need to be a day of remembrance and thankfulness.

Shadows of war

A Story by Coyote Poetry


War can catch even the cold in heart.



I was a Soldier for almost 15 years. I volunteered for every dangerous mission you could be part of. The missions were to Africa, Bosnian, Central and South America and Iraq. I had no fear of death. I have seen dead enemy soldiers and the poor innocent civilians in the way of hate and war. I wasn’t effected by war. I was raised in Detroit. I saw my first dead body at four years old.  I watched my uncle died. I was raised with the Vietnam war and body counts were part of my life. My father served in the Korean war and I volunteered for Vietnam at 17 year old. I learn…

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8 thoughts on “Memorial day is coming. We need to remember the Soldiers and our family.

  1. Made me…sniffle…coz people like me shouldn’t cry. Poor guy. It’s difficult to lose a friend, esp one you have loved so long. Good wifey. She understood his need to say goodbye. And to know where he lay.

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  2. Thank you for the re-blog. I saw the traveling wall. Make you learn the cost of the Vietnam war in life lost. I was stationed at Fort Hood for 6 years. The First Cav.. church had names of soldiers lost to all the wars on the walls. There was four walls with names. Few talks in this church. A place of sadness and remembrance.

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    • John,
      When I was in Mosul….the DFAC (Dining Facility) was dedicated to the fallen. (The earlier one had been blown to bits by assholes–many American casualties.)
      So happy to be able to talk to someone who understands.


  3. Thanks for sharing this Lance. The one place my dad wanted to see, and didn’t, was The Wall. I am just as glad he never made it. When the Traveling Wall came here, my husband I took Mom… and we found two names my dad had talked about. One was his best friend from Ft Dix. Not sure how Dad would have handled that…

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