Here Comes a Rant: Stand By For Heavy Rolls As The Ship Comes About

(Yup. I changed the Title. It’s My Blog After All,  Ain’t It?)

The Eighties SUCKED Music-Wise

(And Other-Wise)

Wow! What a Bold Statement!

“Yes, and I stand by it.”

Now… Y’all, fess up! The Eighties were devoid of decent music, save a few, (Damn few) exceptions.

Hey! We are talking ‘bout the decade of want here! The Decade of “We want shoes! Therefore we am!” Ya know what? Fuck The Eighties! I was still a young man during them yet, even I, even I… scratched my head and pondered The End of Western Civilization.


(But Damn! How I did love Madonna!)

I served my country during The Eighties.

I loved Reagan during The Eighties.

I grew prematurely old during the Eighties.

What the hell was there not to love?

About The Eighties?


For Starters,

The Eighties were not The Sixties, nor The Seventies.

The Eighties Had NO Moral Compass.

The Eighties had NO WAR to protest.

The Eighties had Nothing, save for ‘Michael Jackson’ and ‘Rambo’ and such jokes make not a decade to be proud of.

OK: Bet Yer Boots

There is more to come.

And Comments along the way: Encouraged

This Post Will Be Heavily slightly  Not Edited, but you will see all the edits (of which there will be none), as per my wont, and my promise in a  previous post. (Yeah: work in progress…)

Stay Tuned


(Then again, I may probably won’t just delete this and move on)

So read fast; leisurely if you’re of a mind to…

And, if you have come this far:

I actually want  really desire this to be a ‘community post’. Now, what I mean by that is this: Throw in your comments/musings/rants/raves/loves/hates about The Eighties. I will mesh them into the post. (with credits to authors) This could be fun (if we allow it)

(And if y’all believe that shit, I have a bridge for sale–just kidding–I swear! I will fold any comments into the post)

Come on now! You know you have an opinion!

Cheers and Beers!



The eighties? what were we thinking????

19 thoughts on “Here Comes a Rant: Stand By For Heavy Rolls As The Ship Comes About

  1. I was in high school early 80’s….yup it sucked! A confusing time to “grow up” maybe that is why I’m fucked up now!

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  3. I get a huge kick out of watching some of the Old Vids from The Eighties. I really do….
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting…

    “Those were the days My Friend; we thought they’d never end….”

  4. Ok, my stepsister was in LOVE with Brian Setzer… This Rockabilly stuff was the BOMB. I wish I had scanned the pic of me decked out in Madonna-esque garb as a 13-14-y-o; black mesh tank (over another tank – I’d NEVER have gone out with the bra-mesh combo!) and an armful of black rubber bracelets. Ah, nostalgia…!

  5. My 16-yo employee Julian (I’m providing him with his first job!) is my database manager at Russel Ray Photos. He said he’s never seen anyone as organized as I am, and it is true. When Lotus 1-2-3 hit the market, I was all over it. Then came Excel. I have a huge Excel spreadsheet listing all my albums, singles, groups, etc. If I had patented my spreadsheet back when I made it, I might be rich because those spreadsheets are now called Napster, Grooveshark, YouTube, etc. Alas….

    Another spreadsheet catalogs my 581,716 photos that Julian and I use to create Photographic Art.

    Then there is my spreadsheet that runs my life. No sane person really wants to see it…………LOL

  6. I have always wondered what ” ’80s music” or any other decades means. If someone’s debut album was in the ’70s, will their music always be ’70s music? I think not, but some people do think that way. If such were the case, Black Sabbath’s latest album, “13,” would be considered ’70s music, even though it was released in June 2013, and was Black Sabbath’s first #1 album.

    My thinking is that if it was released in 1972, it’s ’70s music. If it was released in 1985, it’s ’80s music. If it was released in 1994, it’s ’90s music. Etc.

    Thus, I find that there is lots of great music from the ’80s. To wit, in my collection are:

    66 albums from 1980
    70 from 1981
    66 from 1982
    77 from 1983
    67 from 1984
    50 from 1985
    67 from 1986
    47 from 1987
    54 from 1988
    48 from 1989

  7. I’ve noticed that about C/W music. Don’t listen to the new stuff. Still stuck in The Seventies and some Eighties Country.

    Thanks Lee for stopping by.

  8. the eighty’s forced a switch to country music and talk radio and now almost forty years later country music is starting to sound like the eighty’s

  9. Actually… that should have read: “Stand not amazed” (Yeah, I am anal)
    ’tis my way regarding such matters.

  10. I certainly concur with your sentiment. but I stand fast with my argument: The music of the Eighties sucked a big donkey dick, when contrasted with the music of the Peace-Niks of the Sixties and Seventies. I mean, where was the message?
    And Annie, I do thank you for your feedback.

  11. I was a college student in the 80s. The eighties had Loverboy and Cyndi Lauper, and my crew’s two anthems “Working for the Weekend” and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”. The decade started with the USA Olympic Hockey team handing Russia its head in Lake Placid! OK, it was not the greatest decade, but the music was better then than it is now.

  12. I was serious in my blog: so do not be surprised (be not amazed–see? How the editing shit goes for me?) if you see your quote (and link) incorporated into a follow-up post.

  13. Ya know, David, I had never heard/seen this before. I actually like it. You must forgive me: most of The Eighties I was either knee-deep in guppies, or ass deep in SEALs.
    My bad.

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