Some Folks I know (and admire)

Throw out a “Stream of Consciousness”

Writing Challenge.

“Git on Wid It!” They Inspire, hemorrhaging inspiration. 

I do applaud this!

I find it wonderful (and inspirational)

I do never partake however, because…

Well; it just ain’t for me.

All my writing fits that ill (er, bill)

Honestly, I bathe in a stream of consciousness. (Isn’t it painfully obvious? Regarding that observation? I beg to mean: for those who actually read my stuff… It must be unerring to surmise that “Lance is crazy: He don’t even edit his own stuff. He just throws it all out there and watches where it may land.”)



Yup: Guilty.

Here is but one example (and be thee forewarned: It may be offensive–don’t really know myself, since I never read my shit after I write it and publish it–lie right there–I edit to death, but I am still in denial, so we just won’t go there, not here Dear.)

Actually “I post, then I edit” Wrong? Yes? I know, but that is just how I roll.

Anyhow, It is Memorial Day Weekend and I am cooking Ribs this afternoon, so I am immune to any and all criticism. This is the way of my (Texan) world. (Hey! And I get beer too!)


Okay, I know Y’all done been waiting avec baited breath for whatever story I done forgot to paste…

Here is one: I do hope it be german…germane to the topic:

If not, well, “Tomorrow is another day.”

(I do think Scarlett said it better than me, back in ’39)


I had bookmarked my most obnoxious post to post here (in hope of generating some debate) Alas: I lost the link (and I tend to refer to myself as a computer geek: guess it all falls apart right there…)


Here is all I got to put this one to bed. (Yes! I know. It sucks, but hey! It cost you nothing but some time–which you cannot price–can you?)

And, believe me this:  

I do know how valuable your time is; this is why I admire and appreciate your taveling this far with me.



Oh Shit! Almost Forgot! Here is the bleeding story below and there are remnants of links too, if ya be of interest in my writing style. And if not, well…not then.)

My Good Friend Russell over there at

Kindly commented on my Post,Street Where I Lived

Russ said,

“If you really want to have fun, go to Google Earth or Google Street View and look up all your old homes. I did it and found every place I ever lived, took a screen shot, and saved them for posterity, of which there will be none……”

I smartly replied,

“That is an excellent idea.

No posterity for me either. After four marriages, still no children. Just never seemed to get around to it.

Thank you Russel for stopping by and reading.


Then…few days later… I said,

“OK, so I went Google Earth Trolling… Most of the places I have ever lived are toxic waste sites now, they got the Bio-hazard signs up an’ ever’thang.

I need to focus on my future, If I have one.


(Laughing helps)

Thanks for the suggestion

(I think)”


Okay. Here is my point, (If’n I have one):

How many y’all Google Map your old habiliments?

Trust me on this: Do NOT do it!

Peach out, (but save the square bales for me)


27 thoughts on “Some Folks I know (and admire)

  1. Interesting topic – I have never done that, but may have to play around with Google Earth tomorrow. The first home I ever owned was bulldozed to the ground – adjacent to an EPA Superfund site – yep – that was the great American dream gone bad. Have talked about writing a book about that experience for decades . . .
    One of my fav homes (we rented for over 6 years) was demolished by a hurricane a few years back – took out almost the whole small peninsula – broke my heart!

  2. I contacted WP and sent to your email the automatic message they sent me.
    Now waiting to hear from a real person.
    Hang in there…

  3. Hi Lance, I’m calling in all my help here. My computer crashed and burned Thursday night, and WP won’t accept my password, so I reset it, they won’t accept the new one, so I’m blowin’ in the wind here. Lots to say, lots to do. Don’t have time for this shit any more. Can you contact support and get them off their asses to let me back in pleeeeeeze? I know it’s a big, huge favor to ask, but I’m desperate here. You don’t want to see this KY gal get really upset.


    Date: Sun, 25 May 2014 13:57:14 +0000 To:

  4. I remember you mentioning Fremont…remember when i said we can’t all be perfect? 😛 And yes, I think SF is awesome!

  5. I loved Fremont in The Sixties. and of course San Francisco is arguably the best city in the world! I love it.

  6. lol! Well, I’ve moved probably 8 times but all within 30 miles of each other haha. I love the Bay Area. Yes, I dooo!!!

  7. I had to provide the addresses and geographical locations of all the places I had lived during the previous ten years when I was getting my security clearance for Afghanistan. Took almost a ream of paper, and even then, I left some out.

    Thank you Laura for your visit.

  8. I don’t even have to use Google earth…I’ve driven by where I grew up (several places) frequently. I didn’t move far.

  9. Yeah. I am trying desperately to get back to Iraq or Afghanistan.
    They are already wasted-land. No more to do there in that regard.
    Easy day.

  10. I suppose I’m too young to look at all my old homes. They’re all still in the same place, either not far from my house now or in NYC apartments and unless I could see inside, well they look the same to me.

    You should move before your current house is a wasteland.

  11. Annie, it is always a pleasure to ‘talk’ to you, because, to put it simply: I have no need to explain anything. You get it all, and I get it all.
    Now, that is what I will call a ‘bond’ of real friendship.

  12. No sense bothering. The house I lived in as a tyke burnt to the ground when I was in my teens, and is now an over-grown lot in the city. The flat in Putnoe COULD burn, and I’d not be troubled, and I have many a picture of the place in Olney, and this one.

  13. I just dropped my keyboard…so…if you see anything obnoxious, it was not me.
    Gotta eat some food and take a nap.
    “Yes Lance! Do that!”
    “Do it now!”

  14. Disconcerting, ain’t it?
    Thank you for reading. I do appreciate your time (as I believe I may have said in the post)
    But… ’tis better to say ‘in person’ eh?
    Thank you Linda.

  15. I’ve taken a look at a few places I’ve lived before – they’re still standing but the trees have grown! Never expected THAT to happen. haha

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