Daily Lenny, Guest Speaker: Sarah Silverman

Lenny’s a little “Under Some Weather,” but Never Fear!

As promised yesterday,

Here’s Sarah!

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8 thoughts on “Daily Lenny, Guest Speaker: Sarah Silverman

  1. I checked it out.
    Love it.
    Now I have one-more-time-sink!
    (as if I needed one more…)
    Thanks My Good Frin’!

  2. Sarah, in my humble opinion, is the closest we have to a modern-day Lenny.
    I am gonna look for “Getting Doug with High” today.
    Cheers Sadie!

  3. Though her humor is littered with it so it’s not a surprise, it’s entertaining to see her introversion on full display on Getting Doug.

  4. Matter of fact, no; I have not seen those.
    I will most definitely check them out.
    Thanks My Friend!
    And thanks for droppin’ in.

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