Today, a magical thing happened to me.

I’ll edit this later…

But for now I gotta go see a goat about a man. Be right back…


I woke up.

I woke up happy.

This has not happened in some years.

Why? Why now? Why today?

Well shit! I have no fucking clue, but I do know this:

It was a welcome change. I woke up Happy!

Fucking Happy!

And ’till now, I have maintained it.

And I am gonna embrace it ’till it leaves.


Now I had planned a very verbose post about my theories of depression but then I said,

“Naw! There are others who dedicate their lives to depression. They live for this shit.”

Who am I? I just went passing through…

“Just passing,” Thank You,

“Mind the gap.”

(You probably have to be British to appreciate that last bit)

Here’s to “Happy Days Are Here Again!”

(I’ll take them)

Evey’ one.

Y’all should too.

well we will marry and tarry


Here is a happy song to get you ‘in the mood’:

The moodiness of happiness:

“The Line Forms to the Right”

Just choose Happy


30 thoughts on “Today, a magical thing happened to me.

    • “Imagine me and you”…(Oops! Wait!) didn’t mean it THAT way!
      Great song.
      Great suggestion
      Gonna YouTube it now
      Cheers Mate

      • OK: Confession time. On a bet I could not have told you the names of the band members (But this is why we invented Google, eh? Just like we had to invent God)

        “Uh, DON’T Go There Lance–not Today.”

        Anyhow, when I was a wee child, My step-father Mike (A Great Man–better than my real father actually), took me to the store and allowed me to purchase with my hard-won and saved up allowance, a cheap tape recorder.

        Very first song I recorded off the radio was this one.

        Thank you my friend for taking me back down Memory Lane.

      • Good man, letting you have that tape recorder. I loved taping stuff off the radio, too, Lance. It seemed so damn new-fangled.

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