An Unlikely Horse to Win, Place, or Even Show Up

Sung to the theme song from ‘Mister Ed’

(Or, if you will: “A wink is as good as a nod to a blind horse.“)


“A like is a like of course of course

“And everyone loves a like of course

“Unless of course

“The like is from the Famous Mister Ed…

(Who is just a horse and not a real person)

“Go right to the source and ask the horse…

“Do you read before you enforce

 “This is a post that you’d endorse?

“He’s always on a steady course…

“Talk to Mister Ed.”



“My Kingdom! For Readers!”

This rant is certainly not directed at those of you who actually read my scribblings. It is directed at those few, those happy few who… Never mind: Y’all catch my drift, as I am certainly not the only one who experiences this.

Cheers To All My Good Friends.

11 thoughts on “An Unlikely Horse to Win, Place, or Even Show Up

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  2. Bona-fide speed reader!
    Awesome (I read fast too and sometimes I also out-type my brain, which can have unfortunate consequences….at times)
    Thank you very much for your visits and commentary.
    Always makes my day to have feedback.

  3. Believe if or not, I did read it that quickly because I’m just that good 🙂

    Succinct and brilliant! I,like, totally liked it.

  4. Exactly how my mind works!
    Thanks for not being a ‘bot’.
    Laughing. See? You made me laugh.
    Now here is your token for a free Lone Star Beer redeemable at Lackland O Club only.

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