“Art is a magic which makes the hours melt away and…”

This is a compelling and enlightening look inside the life of Leonora Carrington; someone I had never even heard of until I saw this at Moorezart. I love this woman.

Art of Quotation

leonora wp

“Art is a magic which makes the hours melt away and even days dissolve into seconds” – Leonora Carrington, painter

LEONORA CARRINGTON (1917 – 2011) was an English-born surrealist artist and writer who has lived in Mexico since the Second World War. She was the last surviving original member of the celebrated group of 20th-century women Surrealist artists who came together in Paris which included Leonor Fini, Frida Kahlo (co-opted by André Breton), Lee Miller, Meret Oppenheim and Remedios Varo. This video is an excerpt from the film GIFTED BEAUTY (Ragg Film, 2000) which examines the work of all six artists along with that of the contemporary Norwegian artist Vilde von Krogh….  For more see the following video which was filmed prior to her death in 2011:

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4 thoughts on ““Art is a magic which makes the hours melt away and…”

    • Yes indeed.
      Thank you Annie for checking this out. Please go to the original and let him know. I am happy to have discovered yet one more thing at moorezart. (no pun).
      This is why I love blogging; I am pushed out of my comfort zone, sometimes kicking and screaming.


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