Being “fatigued”

I have re-read (not that much fatigued)

Some of my recent comments.

Discovered this:

“Comments are our life-blood”


I live for comments.

I love comments (and comets)

There is no real point to this post.

Save this:

If you like/don’t like a post, leave a little something of yourself behind, by way of a comment.

Even if just to say, “Hey! This sucks!” or “Hey! This rocks!” or “Hey! Don’t quit your day job!”

Out now…

Here is my musing, put to music:

And a related post:

“Comment Me”

“And whoever said I did not embrace The Eighties Music?”

They lie!

13 thoughts on “Comments

  1. You’re welcome and thanks!

    I remember posting I can’t wait to read the next part. I’ll figure it out eventually. lol

  2. Hi Anna.
    Thanks for your kind words.
    Do you remember anything at all about the story? I can probably help you find it.

  3. Great comment about commenting. I am trying to find a story I was reading here before my world went insane. Can’t find it! Can’t remember what it was!

    Driving me crazy…crazier anyway! Hope all is well! 🙂

  4. I think you make a great point with your “pointless post,” Lance. We need feedback from one another. And connection.
    As wonky as this world we live in is, we have been successful in creating a supportive community within our blogosphere. I’m all for it.
    Here’s to having something to say, with hopefully a little thought behind it!

Comments are magical