I Have Spent A Lot of My ‘Dear Years’…

“Dear (fill in the name) I am so sorry we are apart, but you see, I am serving… something, something greater, something important, something, some power, Uh, My ego. See you soon. Love, Lance”

Away from my Homeland.


I have.

My Choice.


Sometimes in Service of my Country.

Sometimes in Service of Lance.

But, always, always, In Service  of That Great American Dream.

I came home from Iraq in ’09.

Went to Kandahar in ’11.

Came home late ’12.

Guess what?

There is no American Dream no mas.

The Bureaucrats killed it. 

I am a Patriot.

I love my country.

I served my ‘Country’.

But now, I do not recognize my country.

Now, I am leaning to socialism.

This post is but a beginning.

I am not gonna bore y’all with Lenny and Sarah, and bullshit anymore.

I am gonna bore you with reality.

The Reality.

Stay tuned.

For those of Y’all ‘Fraid of the NSA, well, bow out now gracefully. I have no fear, but I am old and have nothing to lose. And to quote Bette Davis: “Fasten Your Seatbelts; it’s going to be a bumpy night.”

And, Yes! I am not stupid. I do recognize the dichotomy of the diametrically opposed points of the two songs I present below for your perusal. You must sort out your own feelings.

Now, some would argue, “Lance is just living in his past; he is craving for the days when Revolution was a real possibility”

Some might say that.

I say, “There is no better time than the present, to take it up; because things now, are really fucked up.”

“Wake up!”

Wake the hell up, America!

My Country!

I love my America.

I truly do.


49 thoughts on “I Have Spent A Lot of My ‘Dear Years’…

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  2. Hahaha!
    Yep, you did.
    Sometimes it is necessary to laugh to keep from crying.
    Thanks very much for your visit and for your comment.

  3. I’m with you all the way. The writing is on the wall, Big Brother has moved in and made us HIS own but screaming doesn’t seem to help. Few are willing to listen…they pretend that if they go along with what’s happening they will be spared or even overlooked. LOLOLOLOLOL Oh, sorry, did I laugh out loud?

  4. Damn Lance, I missed you man, I have no idea if I agree with you on it, but I’m up for a rowdy fucking conversation over liquor and sawdust, or some other thing that makes shit get real! Tear it up!

  5. “Like sands through the hourglass, so go the days of our (house-husband) lives.”
    Thank you Aussa for visiting my site.
    Means much, marvelous much to me.
    (Don’t forget to sign the visitor’s log)
    Cheers My Friend!

  6. I couldn’t find the referenced comment so I figured I’d just go ahead and be controversial. My motto: If you only have nice things to say, shut up because you’re boring and probably dishonest, too. 😀

    Got a link to the comment I was supposed to find but couldn’t?

  7. Hahahha! It was a rhetorical question prompted by Exile on Pain Street.
    I KNOW you are pure unadulterated Heathen!

  8. Am I a real heathen? That depends upon your definition. If you’re too pedantic to be worth talking to, then no, I’m not — I don’t worship the Norse gods. But if you’re more liberal with the term and use it as it’s commonly used, then yes, I am — I have never been indoctrinated into any Abrahamic (or any other) religion, have never believed in their invisible space daddy, and consider their holey texts to be badly written fairy tales designed to scare children and the mentally weak into elevating undeserving greedy shitheads into positions of power.

    Hmm. I can already hear shrieks of outrage from the mentally weak who will protest that they are not so, and that I ought to respect their insanity.

  9. Hang onto yer socks then.
    Cheers My Friend.
    Thank you for getting my heart-rate up.
    Now I can skip that aerobic workout and have a beer or five.
    (NO I ain’t Jewish, but I can be here in the Never-Never-Land of Make Believe that is Our Internet.)

  10. Last time I saw it was back in ’65. Even then, it was running for the woods like a scalded jack-a-lope.
    Great Comment, my friend.
    Hey! Off topic: Are you a real heathen, or do you just play one?
    (see comments below ‘Exile on Pain Street’ to get up to speed)

  11. First of all, I never purported ‘it’ to be ‘real’. And I ain’t ‘tellin’ you nothing. I am speaking via a keyboard and my mind. If you choose to sit at this table… Yes. You will get a heaping helping here. A heaping helping of my mind. That is what makes a blog. Or should you expect to get less, like Oliver? “Just a little bit more Sir?”
    If I served less, I would be doing my readers (all six of them) a disservice.
    This ain’t my first rodeo.
    Second, Blogging is not an escape from reality (eight or eighteen hours of same). But Bloggers are real folks. People who play WOW are not; they are just children, which in my mind, ain’t people yet. Trust me, I have known some.
    Thirdly: My version of ‘Amerakey’, don’t matter more than a cup of warm spit, but it is MY version. And I am free to express my version here.
    I never claim a monopoly on wisdom; it is just my not so humble opinion. (And after all, I am Texan First, American Second. Has always been so, as it is with most Texans. And no! I do not even claim to speak for most Texans. Again, just my opinion. But I know I am right.
    I have been around the World.
    And I have seen two white whales fuck.
    In the Gulf of Aqaba.
    I do love your comments though. I sincerely do.
    Made me think, which is always a great thing.
    Please visit early and often
    (I do mean this)


  12. The American Dream… I saw it once, before it was killed. It looked like it was probably loaded with vitamin A and beta carotene and would be a nice crunchy addition to a salad. The last I saw of it was inside the belly of the beast what ate it. A bad place, that belly. Go back the way you came and you get bit, go out where there are no teeth and you’re in shit.

  13. Hey, like blogland because it ain’t real. The people in it aren’t real. The situations are exaggerated. Now you’re telling us that, in addition to the 18 hours of reality that’s IN OUR FACES everyday, we’re going to get a heaping helping here, too? Okay, pal. Do your worst. Let’s see what you got.

    Everyone thinks that their version/definition of “I love Amerakey” is the correct one.

    Nice conversation at this post but the

    comments look


    a prose
  14. We have plenty here in the bay area…8 toll bridges here actually, so I pay for a bridge frequently. I mean bridges. Of course then there are the ones I’ve burned… lol

  15. Hey Laura! I’m not really crazy.
    (Shhhhh! Don’t tell…I’ll lose my edge.)
    Just pissed and like to rattle cages.

  16. I am not overly paranoid, but…’they’ are always out ‘there’… with ‘them’.
    Laughing out loud!

  17. My patriotism is not the issue here. I am just pissed off at the poverty I see. (Worse than I saw in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Ad nauseam) This is America! Eh?
    Isn’t it?

  18. It bothers me when people on both sides of a debate slander the other by saying things like “To disagree = a lack of patriotism. I am not one of those and you can be a patriot and have differing views.

  19. We agree to disagree.
    This is what I want: debate.
    I am not an anarchist, I am just pissed off. Things need to change..
    I am a patriot. I have, as I have said, served my country.
    Yet, things are broken now.

  20. LAMarcom…I do thank you for your service though I disagree with your evolving politics. Don’t get me wrong…our current system seems to be broken but I’m not sure I’ll reach the same conclusions as you. But…the point of a healthy Republic is for healthy debate to find solutions that do work. Keep in touch.

  21. SOmetimes, I am fairly sure we are heading for another “Civil” war. (What the hell about war is civil?) But I also think it will not be state against state… it will be those who love America against those who want it changed into their personal cess pool. (Which means those the traitors in DC have promised free rides and Shia law)

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