Daily Lenny: “Enchanting Transylvania”

Now, Y’all Just Had to Know…

That when I ‘threatened to stop with the Daily Lenny that I could never be serious.


Here is your Daily Lenny for Today:

Lenny and some guy

Hoping you will listen and enjoy.

More Lenny Here (and sorry there is no Sarah today):



3 thoughts on “Daily Lenny: “Enchanting Transylvania”

    • In light of recent events in Las Vegas and other places, I am backing off (for now) from my non-violent Socialistic Rants. Not because I do not believe things are broken, but because I believe violence is not the answer and I do not want to have my words misconstrued or strewed, or perceived to be any other kind of soup or stew.
      Hope this makes sense.

      Thanks for your visit and your comment. I feel no need to explain my ‘mind-set’ to you.
      This is refreshing.


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