10 thoughts on ““You Don’t Like The Sound of the Truth…”

  1. Yes indeed. Immense talent (Texan Talent! Hehehehe)
    Too bad they pretty much killed their careers with just one remark.
    Thanks for visiting Annie.

  2. I have many that don’t like the truth comin’ from my mouth, but luckily I am free to express it . . . I am grateful for that!

  3. And by the way, I was introduced to Blu-Grass by the wife of a Biker in San Dog (yes I was adulterating her–long story–)
    Anyway….I am gonna blog that one… I almost died one night over her…back in the day…

  4. Here is a fun fact: My Step-Sis saw ‘The Chicks’ before they were ‘The Chicks’. They were singing songs like “Oh Thank Heavens for Dale Evans” or something like that in local Dallas Clubs.
    My step-sis also saw Janis Joplin at the Texas Blues Fest….I still hate her for that!

  5. Gotta love that bluegrass vibe when they manage to work it in. 🙂

    Strange, ain’t it, that I like bluegrass but cannot stand country?

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