Daily Lenny: The Defiant Ones

Howdy Y’all.

Here is The Daily Lenny, Times Two.

Call it ‘One New’, ‘One Throwback’, or what you will.

Hope you enjoy.

First the ‘New’

“The Defiant Ones”

Here is a link in case you got lost in the esoteric (Read: “old” reference)


The Defiant Ones


And here is the ‘Old’, Variations on the Same Theme: Racism.

“Life is a four-letter word.”

–Lenny Bruce



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Peace Out and Stay Free Through Freedom of Speech


6 thoughts on “Daily Lenny: The Defiant Ones

  1. You mean like when I go off on a socialist rant? Hahaha
    Actually, if the shit really jumps off in Iraq and we go back in, I want to be one of the first contractors to ‘hit the beach’ with the boys.
    Jihad Jihad Jihad…. (That should do it)
    Thanks my Friend for your visit and uh….comments
    Peace & Beer

  2. “Stay free through freedom of speech”? Surely you Lance, Mister Jest! It is by way of your speech that the folks who visit your blog every so often determine whether or not you deserve closer scrutiny, and once scrutinized some details about your life are twisted around to make you a threat, and the next thing you know you can’t get your bomb making materials onto your flight out of JFK because you wrote the word Jihad once. Or I did, in this here comment.

    You don’t really want to leave the country anyway, right? 😀

  3. Ya know…

    I am kind of a dinosaur when it comes to Lenny. (I am cognizant of this paralyzed fact).

    But, Hell! Even after all these years, we still face the same issues.
    Lenny pioneered (with a little help from his friends), The Civil Rights Movement.
    Now, I am not preaching, but if we don’t grow up, well, the only way forward is backward.

    Thanks so much for your visit and for your comment.
    I appreciate it.


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