Do Re Mi

Love my readers.




But this post will throw Y’all into a ‘Tale’ Spin. And may just bring your loyalty into question… such as it may be. Didn’t ask for it, but do appreciate it–in whatever manifest.

Do Re Mi


Because I am a Socialist

Dust bowl

Or Why Not?


Perhaps ’cause you don’t tread between the lines’.

(And for those of you who, who do, I do sincerely apologize) 

“Peace and Happiness”



Yeah! I am embracing….that!


This post made absolutely no SENSE!

(If you love me; you will humor me!)


P.S. I Served My Country


19 thoughts on “Do Re Mi

    • I’m what you might call “Socialist Lite.”
      Just damn tired of the One Percent having all the power and damn near all of the money in this country: My Country.

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      • Amen! Teachers pay more taxes than our leaders. Fact.

        Something isn’t right with that one. No one ever says they want to teach to be rich. We love kids.

        Tax us to death? Um nope. I get where you’re coming from. I really do.

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      • Anna,
        I’m pretty sure we want the same things for America. There is no doubt in my mind that the inequalities are growing worse.
        We are broken as a society.
        * alas *


      • I think this next generation will be the first that are worse off than their parents. What happened to The American Dream?

        I am buying you a virtual Margherita (and a Lone Star Beer)

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  1. A Socialist, eh? Anyone who leaves doesn’t know the difference between Socialism and Communism, most likely. That said, I always claim that political and economic systems are a lot like dogs. The purebreds are pretty and distinctive, but they tend to have health problems, be neurotic, and not live very long. Mixed breeds, on the other hand, may not be quite as attractive, but are smarter, easier to get along with, and live longer. WOOF!

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    • My Dear Friend, Ksbeth,
      Here is a clue and a nickel
      First the Clue:
      I am extremely thick-skinned.
      Here is the nickel:
      If you ever succeed in penetrating such a thick skin… you have won my undying love (and if you believe that, well, I have a bridge for sale…cheap!)
      And on a lighter note:
      I love your comments.
      I call you “Friend” because I like you and your attitude.
      Hope you like mine, but I tend to asshole…but nice one.


    • Not sure your question.
      If it means Is Lance loyal? To hearth and home? And Country? Yes. Of Course.
      If it means am I a gentleman? To ladies, wives?
      Guess if you have read any recent posts, you would have no need to ask.
      Short shriff… I was. It was complicated back then.


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