I was so… Pulling for Y’all!

My daily record was 148 hits.

Today (well, yesterday now)

‘We’ hit 147!

I was on pins an’ needles!

“C’mon! Do it! Do it England!” (Where were my Brits?) And Yes! I stole that line from “Hamlet’. Claudius did speak it better.

But I just knew we ‘had’ it this time!


We trailed in at one-forty-seven.

I thought this the night!


Next time… Perhaps.

Then what? “Is that all there is?”

“Let’s break out the booze and have a ball.”


28 thoughts on “I was so… Pulling for Y’all!

    • SS,
      Your daily views keep climbing coz your site is fuckin’ awesome and your posts always deserve more than one read (but you know that). 😉
      Oh and it might have something to do with that email I sent to the NSA.
      Just KIDDING!


      • Lol seriously. Why the NSA doesn’t think I’m a threat blows my mind.

        Also I lied, they climbed and then stayed really high for a long time, now they’re slowly heading down. I’m gonna post about my friends book soon though. Don’t imagine it’ll up those views. No one likes a book plug lol better sell sex in there somehow

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    • I actually ‘dared’ the NSA to come for me in one of my posts. Why? you ask? ‘Cause I love fucking with authority.
      Hey you go on and write about that book. I’ll read it (and the book too!)


    • Yeah, I am soooo bummed out over them (NSA). Bunch of spineless, flaccid, uh… jelly fish, if you ask me. (Hear that!? NSA?!)

      No doubt in my Military Mind your book will be awesome.


  1. Damn. So very close. I remember a few months ago when I had hit 100 or more views for three weeks straight and I was so hoping to never again drop below 100 (as the number of views one gets on a daily basis is the one true way to judge the worth of one’s life). But then one day I had only 87. How deflating is that? I even posted about it. http://mindfuldigressions.com/2014/04/14/ending-streaks-and-missing-prompts/

    But the good news is that since that one streak-breaker, I have never again fallen below 100 views and occasionally even hit 200+. Not that any of that matters, of course.

    Good post, good song.

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  2. love that song – [1st time I’ve heard it]

    going to ‘steal’ it for my ‘Something for the Weekend’ post tomorrow 😆

    P.S. sorry I didn’t make it over yesterday !

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  3. It’s coming . . . 😉 I was so happy when I hit 100 followers on my one blog. Haven’t looked at my page hits in a while. Have to do that tomorrow! You are always giving me homework . . . 🙂

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