Daily Lenny: Carnegie Hall Part II

TGIF and Here is The Daily Lenny: Carnegie Hall Part II


 (Thanks to Theo Cas for posting this one on YouTube) 

Thanks for visiting and listening

More Lenny may be found here


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7 thoughts on “Daily Lenny: Carnegie Hall Part II

  1. There was a link to here on my blog and somehow it disappeared about a week ago after about 2 weeks there; I don’t know if you saw or know anything about it. The new design here is nice. I don’t encourage any readers to my blog at all, it would probably be best if the link wasn’t here, would be safest, but I guess it’s okay for you to look at it if you wanted but that one comment I’d had from you got disappeared last week and I can’t figure how that had happened. I’ll check back here to see if there’s a reply to this, thanks for the previous ones. Also, I’m a little nervous because I have to look up a big organized-crime site for a Permission on some piece about some bad stereotype and making that Comment and giving them my email or how these “Computers are not supposed to be safe” was the Comment there’d been on my site from you by the way, or how these Comment and other interactions work makes me nervous, if you noticed what my subject matter is, etc.


    • You’ve got multiple comments from me here and I can’t figure why or if you know you’d been on my site for a bit. (3/2/19 now.)


    • — I’d only had a minute to make and submit that, so am trying to add a little to it. It seems like you don’t exist anymore and I don’t think that that’s the situation either; it seems like you’re playing some trick, etc. Where is your new material, you can’t have passed. I’d signed up as a Follower a couple of months ago and thought that that meant I’d be receiving new posts or hearing from you about where you are doing your writing now, you can’t have just quit. So I’m figuring it’s likely some sort of a curse-scam as that that seems to be all anyone even knows how to do for their self-support anymore. I didn’t see that “Jubilant in June” reply until just today now. I hope you okay, but it’s gotten pretty spooky, and then I’d read about your pater’s being a magician so I’m thinking maybe you’d gone into dark kind of thinking and your site isn’t too safe for me. I can’t figure how you could quit such creative good writing.

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