Lenny Bruce is Dead

Lenny Died.

I know this.

lenny grave

Yet, he lives on in my mind and in my heart.

Not going to go over the top here, but I am taking myself out of the ‘Daily Lenny Business’ business. (not many enjoyed it anyhow. I did. But I did  not ‘write’ for Lenny. I ‘wrote’ for me,  and for the edification of a few of my readers.)

No matters…

So.. This is your last ‘Daily Lenny’. I do hope you have enjoyed the previous seventy or so.

There will be no more.

This makes me sad. (because there is so much more Lenny I want to share, but alas, I am tired.)


This video really sucks. I will search out a better one. (Maybe tomorrow) I do it for the children..

Oh! More Lenny Here:



15 thoughts on “Lenny Bruce is Dead

  1. Pretty certain he will be back on these pages. He sent me an email.
    All it said was, “What the fuck?”
    Stay hip.

  2. Bittersweet indeed, brother. Lenny, like all great minds, will always live eternally through every other great mind through which his wisdom shall pass. I must catch up an all yer other Daily Lenny’s as soon as I catch another break. Lenny’s dead? Perish the thought! He lives eternally, like Bill Hicks, wherever there abides Love, Laughter, and Truth!

  3. Lenny is like The Phoenix. If I can get the paperwork filled out properly he may catch a break before he leaves Purgatory.
    Will let ya know.

  4. Aw damn Lance, I love Lenny, I’m just a terrible follower…sorry man, hope you go for some Lenny in the future:)

  5. What is this New Coke shit? No more Lenny? I’ll get by, but if you start posting Oprah episodes I’m a-hunt you down and kill you slow.

  6. Dear Sadie,
    What can I say?
    Thank you.
    I love Lenny Bruce. He speaks to me over long, vast, long ago lost decades.
    What forever can I say?

  7. Lance – For some reason, I just couldn’t get into Lenny, but you have totally turned me on to Sarah – absolutely love her!!! And you have all these Lenny recordings & videos in one place where you can enjoy them anytime you want (as well as any of your readers that love Lenny!). And every once in a blue moon, post one anyway . . . just for the hell of it 😉 (I still loved ya my kindred spirit, even when you did post Lenny!! :-* )

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