Lenny Bruce is Dead

Lenny Died.

I know this.

lenny grave

Yet, he lives on in my mind and in my heart.

Not going to go over the top here, but I am taking myself out of the ‘Daily Lenny Business’ business. (not many enjoyed it anyhow. I did. But I did  not ‘write’ for Lenny. I ‘wrote’ for me,  and for the edification of a few of my readers.)

No matters…

So.. This is your last ‘Daily Lenny’. I do hope you have enjoyed the previous seventy or so.

There will be no more.

This makes me sad. (because there is so much more Lenny I want to share, but alas, I am tired.)


This video really sucks. I will search out a better one. (Maybe tomorrow) I do it for the children..

Oh! More Lenny Here:



15 thoughts on “Lenny Bruce is Dead

  1. Bittersweet indeed, brother. Lenny, like all great minds, will always live eternally through every other great mind through which his wisdom shall pass. I must catch up an all yer other Daily Lenny’s as soon as I catch another break. Lenny’s dead? Perish the thought! He lives eternally, like Bill Hicks, wherever there abides Love, Laughter, and Truth!

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  2. I hope he will make special guest appearances from time to time, especially since you liked him so. 🙂


  3. What is this New Coke shit? No more Lenny? I’ll get by, but if you start posting Oprah episodes I’m a-hunt you down and kill you slow.

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  4. Lance – For some reason, I just couldn’t get into Lenny, but you have totally turned me on to Sarah – absolutely love her!!! And you have all these Lenny recordings & videos in one place where you can enjoy them anytime you want (as well as any of your readers that love Lenny!). And every once in a blue moon, post one anyway . . . just for the hell of it 😉 (I still loved ya my kindred spirit, even when you did post Lenny!! :-* )

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    • Dear Sadie,
      What can I say?
      Thank you.
      I love Lenny Bruce. He speaks to me over long, vast, long ago lost decades.
      What forever can I say?


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