Shonnie The Biker’s Wife: Intermission

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Okay. I admit it: I copped out tonight and went with the “Thursday Blow-Back.” What to say? I am lazy. However, I swerved upon an idea (mostly because I really want y’all to ‘like’ Shonnie. She was special. And by that I mean, she was unique.)

Therefore, I had to post this to flavor the pot, as it were. This song sums up a lot , but not all. As most of you regular readers must know, I am a big fan of Joni M. Joni often says things I cannot… Well this below video best describes Shonnie, albeit in unflattering vernacular.

But! Hey! I did not paint ‘me’ too pretty either.

Shonnie, Part VIX Manana. Pax Romana? (I hope). ‘Cause it do grow worse after Vegas. And  with some heartache.

Please stay tuned; This is one story I aim to finish. And finally put to bed.

“You’re mean when you’re loaded. I was raised on robbery.”

21 thoughts on “Shonnie The Biker’s Wife: Intermission

  1. The story has been ‘put to bed’. (finally!)
    Hopefully, you will take some time to drop a dime.

  2. Mélanie,
    As I am (still) a gentleman, I will not say anything about American Billionaires, no matter how philanthropic. It is far too easy to give to the masses, when you are knee-deep in molasses, n’est-ce-pas?
    Enough said.
    Hey! Thanks for your visit!
    I do appreciate your time.

  3. look forward to reading its end… 🙂 Joni Mitchell rules and rocks! 🙂 she’s been appreciated, popular and respected in France, too, just like Patti Smith and Joan Baez who have come to France for decades, 2-3 times/year… btw, Americans love “old Europe”, Bill Gates has been in Paris since yesterday. 🙂

  4. No sarcasm at all. I really did want to break that Shark Fishing post into about six chapters, but I copped out.
    Thanks for the comment. Made me simile. And thanks for visiting.

  5. Lance, we know you and Shonnie are not going to stay all warm and fuzzy throughout. Dig? We been around your block some. This series, tremendous.

  6. In a few weeks I’m going to be taking a cross-country train ride and I’ll have a lot of reading time on that trip. And who knows? Maybe I’ll find some time before then to get started.

  7. I do sincerely hope you find some time to read (and comment). It ain’t Shakespeare, but it is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

  8. Funny you go there.
    ‘Court and Spark’ was my first, back in ’74. (Thanks to my step-sis)
    But… in later years, my favorite became ‘Hejira’ an album about travelling. And since I have been an expat my entire adult life…. well, you know.
    Listen to that one. You will love it.

  9. I have to confess that I have not yet read any of your Shonnie series, but “yet” is the operative word. Some day when I have the time I will start from Part One and work my way to the end.

    I, too, am a huge Joni Mitchell fan. My personal favorite album of hers is “Court and Spark.” That, to me, is one of the all-time great albums by any artist. There’s not a bad cut on that entire album. And her songs, “Circle Game” and “Both Sides Now,” which are not on that album, are two of my very favorite.

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