Shonnie The Biker’s Wife: Intermission

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Okay. I admit it: I copped out tonight and went with the “Thursday Blow-Back.” What to say? I am lazy. However, I swerved upon an idea (mostly because I really want y’all to ‘like’ Shonnie. She was special. And by that I mean, she was unique.)

Therefore, I had to post this to flavor the pot, as it were. This song sums up a lot , but not all. As most of you regular readers must know, I am a big fan of Joni M. Joni often says things I cannot… Well this below video best describes Shonnie, albeit in unflattering vernacular.

But! Hey! I did not paint ‘me’ too pretty either.

Shonnie, Part VIX Manana. Pax Romana? (I hope). ‘Cause it do grow worse after Vegas. And  with some heartache.

Please stay tuned; This is one story I aim to finish. And finally put to bed.

“You’re mean when you’re loaded. I was raised on robbery.”


21 thoughts on “Shonnie The Biker’s Wife: Intermission

  1. look forward to reading its end… 🙂 Joni Mitchell rules and rocks! 🙂 she’s been appreciated, popular and respected in France, too, just like Patti Smith and Joan Baez who have come to France for decades, 2-3 times/year… btw, Americans love “old Europe”, Bill Gates has been in Paris since yesterday. 🙂

    • Mélanie,
      As I am (still) a gentleman, I will not say anything about American Billionaires, no matter how philanthropic. It is far too easy to give to the masses, when you are knee-deep in molasses, n’est-ce-pas?
      Enough said.
      Hey! Thanks for your visit!
      I do appreciate your time.

  2. Lance, we know you and Shonnie are not going to stay all warm and fuzzy throughout. Dig? We been around your block some. This series, tremendous.

    • No sarcasm at all. I really did want to break that Shark Fishing post into about six chapters, but I copped out.
      Thanks for the comment. Made me simile. And thanks for visiting.

  3. I have to confess that I have not yet read any of your Shonnie series, but “yet” is the operative word. Some day when I have the time I will start from Part One and work my way to the end.

    I, too, am a huge Joni Mitchell fan. My personal favorite album of hers is “Court and Spark.” That, to me, is one of the all-time great albums by any artist. There’s not a bad cut on that entire album. And her songs, “Circle Game” and “Both Sides Now,” which are not on that album, are two of my very favorite.

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