Out On Some Limb… Clinging to a Branch-True Texan Style


Here is Lance: ON the Record. (and on a rant; a long overdue rant)

I do not give two warm cups of spit, ‘Bout the politics of the Dixie Chicks. But I love them. They are all… Texas. And, after-all, Home-Grown. Hey! Texas! Git over it! Texas was built upon the backs of strong wimmens… Jes sayin’. Y’all know this (Texas!)

I love everything which pukes itself from Texas. Even them Dixie Chicks. I stood by them then. I stand by them now.

Watch the vid,  then tell me there ain’t no Texan Talent There.

Dare ya! (‘Tis a fight I will join–try me!). But, bring the big guns. I will  debate you up, if ya don’t. I have some ducks all rowed up. 

And y’all know… well, ya know, I am just joking (’bout the guns) This is a fight, I will only join in the vestiges of parlay… and discourse. (Seems I have grown a… well, I still have some fight in me, for certain ‘issues’–this being one.)


Lance (true lover of Texas Women) Lord knows I have known many (Biblical sense and otherwise, sidewise sense), and they all, to a woman, scared the ever-loving shit outta me.

That is their nature (and how they roll)

“Don’t Mess With Texas” (Women)

Trust me on this one Y’all.

End of Rant

And it all leads into my Shonnie story…

(And, I really, like, commas, comma)

I love Texas!

I really do.

tex flag

“Contrash” this with Lenny

Just saying…

28 thoughts on “Out On Some Limb… Clinging to a Branch-True Texan Style

  1. interesting, or not, that no one said much about the Lenny. no wonder, most are too young. i was 10 yrs. old when he died. but. i knew he was classic, ground-breaking, yadda. very cool to hear him, here, regardless as to whether i could understand some of what he said. it’s almost a period piece, yes? i love that you posted him. along with the lovely chicks. 😀

  2. I love the Dixie Chicks. All of their songs are on my C/W. This is coming from someone who always picks AC/DC or Zeppelin over all singers. 🙂

  3. Never listened to them much, not a big C&W lover (have my particulars) but I had family members who loved them! I remember when Natalie Maines made the comment about the war & Bush – damn . . . the fallout was horrific for them . . .
    Us Texas women can be outspoken – I learned a long time ago, just ’cause your thinking it, don’t mean ya gotta share it aloud . . . though I still forget occasionally – well not really, sometimes just don’t give a shit or the need to say it overrides the possible fall out 🙂
    And you are so right – don’t mess with Texas Women – we do have our own way of rolling & most times we don’t take no shit! LOVE THIS POST, Lance!!!

    • I attribute my thus – far long life to learning early on: Don’t Mess With Texas Women.
      Thanks for the great comments Sadie.
      Rock On!

  4. hahaha you really DO love Texas, dontcha? I’m not a C/W fan, but the Dixie Chics are cute. I don’t really care about politics or otherwise (I regards to them) but they can certainly sing and are huge talents. Love me some Texas, too. 🙂

    • Cute? Baby ducks are cute! We be talkin’ ’bout The CHICKs up in here! (Yeah, been re-watching ‘The Wire’, got my street talk goin’ on!)
      Hey B, I always love it when you come around and sign my ‘guest book’.
      Cheers My Friend,

  5. Everyone has different tastes which makes the world go round, right? Having said that…EWWWEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! I can’t stand country music hahahaha. Well there is one video…of Carrie Underwood singing with Vince Gill. Have you seen it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLLMzr3PFgk It’s AMAZING!!! I’m a middle-of-the-road gal myself…I vote based on issue and have passions based on issue not a political party. Whew, there…got that off my chest! 😛

    • Hi Laura,
      Actually I have not listened to any contemporary C/W in a decade or two. (I did enjoy the song you linked me too however).
      I got on a country kick about a year before I got out of the Nav. I was homesick for Tejas.
      Anyhow, I think the Dixie Chicks were vilified for no good reason and I said so at the time. Turns out they were right, but too late to save the band. They did make some wonderful music. Texas music.
      My politics lean more and more left these days, but I do keep an open mind. Reminds me of an old bit Brother Dave Gardner once did.
      Bro Dave: “Some cat said to me, ‘Hey Brother Dave! You from the South, ain’t ya? You must be a Democrat'”
      “No man. I learned to read.”

      Thanks for your visit and thanks so much for the link.
      –Yer Frin, Lance

      • I love it!! “I learned to read”. haha! I’m glad you liked the link. That was pure MAGIC! Even I who doesn’t like CW music felt it there. Totally from the heart. That’s what music is supposed to be, but the magic doesn’t happen very often. I would say I’m socially liberal and financially conservative. I’m probably more on the lefty side than not. I think I’m not but then when I talk to people who are from other parts of the country, I’m definitely on the left LOL.

    • I’ve been pretty much a hippie and a rabble rouser all my life. I go for the working man/woman. Guess you could call me a socialist or even… a commie! J/K!
      And yet… I enlisted in the Navy to serve The Man (And My Country) So all in all, I am a fierce patriot.

      Happiness and Beer Cheers to you Laura!

  6. I’m not a fan of country music and thus, from a musical standpoint, not a big fan of the Dixie Chicks. However I do respect them for having the balls to speak their mind even when it adversely affected their career. And, were I a Texan, I, too, would have been ashamed that Dubya was from Texas.

    • Doubya (Senior) always made my teeth hurt. Even back when he was VP. He was/is a fucking waste of human flesh (Hear that?!! NSA!)

      Doubya, the junior….
      He is just an idiot. But at least he is a Texan Idiot.
      BUT STILL an idiot we do not claim. Much like Earl Long of Louisiana (If you know your history)

      And if you don’t, well…. Here is a hilarious Lenny Bit to hip you:

      “Uncle Earl”


    • I tend to be very political in my music tastes. And then again, sometimes I just go for the song. I love Dylan, J. Mitchell, CSNY, Bob Marley (whom I have always called ‘Uncle Bob’). In short, music that gets me ‘Pissed-at-the-Man’ moves me. And then again, I love Madonna too. And even Old Disco (Donna Summer comes to mind)
      Go figure.
      And thanks so very much for your visit and for your comments. Your time spent here is appreciated and valued.

      • I’m on Nat’s side. ‘Nuff sed.

        FUTK is related to a certain T. Covel’s marketing feud with the Chicks. His stage name is Toby Keith.. Thus Fuck You Toby Keith. It’s from a t-shirt Nat wore at the 2003 Academy of Country Music Awards. ‘Cuz her’s got nards, and TK is a spineless tool.

    • Ya know Heathen, I shouda know’d that. Since I did purchase and watch, “Shut up and Sing” DVD about the Chicks.
      Nat is from Lubbock. Mack Davis is from Lubbock. Buddy Holly was from Lubbock.
      My people were originally from Levelland… pattern here.
      West Texas breeds contempt.
      Must be all that flat land driving ’em nuts.
      Great comment.
      I do love The Chicks and you are correct Sir: Nat’s got Nads!
      Love her the most…
      Well, truly I lie: I love Emily the mostest, but that’s just me.
      P.S. I really don’t listen to contemporary C/W. It makes my teeth hurt.
      Give me some Hank Sr. Hank Jr. JJ Walker, Willie…et al anyday.

      • With a few exceptions, I cannot stand country music.

        I used to work with a guy from Lubbock who said it was the Nashville of Texas. But I worked with another guy from Austin who claimed that Austin was the Nashville of Texas. I pointed out to both of ’em that that meant that their respective towns were second best to that other one out in Tennessee… 😀

        And here I am living in a place where it’s country music or nothing at all, unless the atmosphere is right and we can catch a classic rock station from down the road a piece for a few hours.

    • Ya know Brother, I feel ya. Back in the day in MY ‘Dinky Town’, we had to wait until midnight to pick up WLS out of Chicago. First time I ever heard Cheech and Chong was on that station… It was the Christmas bit: “¿Dónde Está Santa Claus?; the guy with the hair on his jaws…”
      “Yeah, I played with that dude….”

      Never was a fan of C/W, but I got homesick, and hence, well…
      Cheers My Friend

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