The Best ‘Blaxploitation’ Film of All Time

It’s just memory lane y’all.

“I’m just talkin’ ’bout Shaft.”

“Right on!”


John Hernandez vid credit

21 thoughts on “The Best ‘Blaxploitation’ Film of All Time

  1. I think my first 45 was Deep Purple ,”Hush” Way back in the Day in California. ’67 or Eight. Yeah, I’m that old too. Hahahah
    Seems like all the 45s cost about a dollar. Lot of money back then.

  2. “You know that cat Shaft is a bad mutha….”
    “Hush yo mouth”
    “I’m just talkin’ ’bout Shaft”
    Haven’t seen “Black Dynamite”, but I will check into it. Thanks for that.

  3. I’ve been rewatching ‘The Wire’ and this song came up. So natch, I had to post on it. How my simple mind works.
    Cheers Laura and happy Sunday to you.

  4. Ya know something Friend: You are amazing with your knowledge of film. I am a film nerd. I pale in my nerdness..compared to you.
    (That is a compliment, btw)
    (I almost picked ‘Blackula’ for this post, but thought the Isaac Hayes music better)

  5. Great Flick. “Blackula” and “Scream Blackula, Scream” are 2 of my favorite blacksplotatation films. Shakespearean actor, William Marshall, played the leas in both.

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