I Stall: Shonnie, The Truest Sentiment You May Find Here from Me

More Shonnie Here:

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I stall.


Because I am lazy.

And typing is hard.

Some of you may be waiting for the last few chapters of ‘Shonnie, The Biker’s Wife.” (I know, as I am awaiting them too). But that said, well what can I say? I tend to expose personal shit here. Sometimes it grows difficult, and I grow wary and weary. I have vowed to my Vizsla Dog


that I will finish this tale tomorrow and get past it. (My dog tends to humour me. What choice does he have? I control the ‘soup bones’)

So, with that ‘sate-ment’, I leave you just one more clue to the outcome, by way of a song (There is always ‘A Song’ isn’t there?)

Cheers, Lance

Vid Credit:


 P.S. This is an ever-building story. If ya don’t watch the vid, well, ya gonna miss the best half of the denouement.

–Just sayin’…

“Caint you see?”


12 thoughts on “I Stall: Shonnie, The Truest Sentiment You May Find Here from Me

  1. … what that woman, oh she been doin’ to me.

    Takes a big man to whistle up Mr. Doug Gray and the rest of the Tucker boys to explain the Shonnie blues, Lance. Though my lame brain can’t come up with the identity of the lead singer as Dougie bangs the tambourine on the side in this vid. Toy Caldwell?

    I dig anyway.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was (still am) a huge MTB fan.
      Yeah, Toy Caldwell I do believe is correct, but I am no good with names unless they are Dylan, Janis, Joni, Jimi, Marley… 😉
      Thanks for visiting Mark.
      ‘Preciate that.


  2. So looking forward to reading Shonnie–part one has worked its charm and piqued my interest. Fabulous song, and I’m totally crushin on your hound. That is one good lookin’ fella you’ve got there.
    Cheers, Lance–and good luck with the finale.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Heheh,
      I’ll tell the hound you be crushin’ on him. He is a bit conceited already though…
      Thanks very much for visiting and for signing my ‘guest book’.


  3. There’s always gotta be a song – absofuckinlutely!! The soundtracks of our lives are most interesting, so effecting, & to me as essential as breathing ❤ Love this song, & have a few of my own memories attached to it {sigh}. And totally understand how hard it can be to expose oneself. The story is worth waiting for my friend, at least IMHO ☮ Fixin' to go to bed – thanks for ending my night with some tender memories of my own 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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