This One From My Heart


Back in the day, when I was young, I told myself that I would go places, experience shit, and write about it. Easy. Simple. Good plan, eh?

Nope. Why not?

Because I always got caught up in the ‘shit’ and never found the time to actually ‘write’ about it. And then, there is that ‘laziness thing’ too. Anyhow, if any younger than me writers are out there (That would be about ninety percent of y’all), here is some advice: Just write it now. Don’t go searching for some rainbow, or some muse. You have it in you now. Write it. Do not make the same mistakes I have made. Write it now, and sort the details later. Read a book if need be.

I woke up in Iraq one day, looked about and realized I had been spending too much time ‘gathering fodder’. Do not make that same mistake. It really ain’t worth a life. Go out and play golf. Go to a BBQ. Read. It is almost as good as being there. (And no one, I mean, no one will know either way.)




And I like to talk about stuff.

Do you?

14 thoughts on “This One From My Heart

  1. Sadie,
    Yes, I know. Have been in some quandary of late. All is better now. I always appreciate your time spent here, and always love your comments.

  2. I so agree Lance – been thinking this myself lately . . .
    You haven’t been to visit me lately – been missing your comments 🙂

  3. The proof is in the pudding (and the application, I suppose)
    Thank you Smirk, I do appreciate your taking the time to visit and comment.

  4. Wading through shit is my forte Mark.
    I do love it so.
    Thanks for your visit and your comments.

  5. Well, once you got through the shit (mostly) and over the wait (finally) the writing part is going pretty damn well, Lance. My opinion.

    As a fellow old guy I tweak your advice just one little bit. The youngsters should have enough energy to split the living and writing half-and-half each and every damn day.

    Happy Fourth, Lance.

  6. Pipped at the post~!
    This is exactly how I feel and have been feeling. You’ve said it in about two thousand words fewer than me (and with more feeling).

    But what old guys can ever advise the young? Do the little buggers ever listen? (I know from personal experience that they don’t—I certainly didn’t …)

  7. “remember you’ll die”
    You hit me a lick with that one…
    Yes! I know. And I am living that way now.
    Brilliant. (not facetious here–I love it!)
    How I am living my life….these daze.

  8. @”I always got caught up in the ‘shit’…” – well, ‘shit’ does happen every day, Lance… 😉

    seriously speakin’, our life is based upon daily choices and decisions that we have to assume, sooner or later… meanwhile: memento mori, carpe diem et gaudeamus igitur!(it’s Latin!) = remember you’ll die, live this very day/in the present and do enjoy it! 🙂

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