Just Some Fun, Or a Promise of a Premise

For those of you who may have had the premature misfortune to read the end of the ‘Shonnie’ Series, I apologize.

I got lazy and lackadaisical. There (of course) is much more to the end of that story. I will sharpen my pencil and re-write it. The facts are the facts, but even ‘un-sharpened’ facts deserve their day in court… and with some poetry. This is just requisite in my world.

Meantime: Mae West is the woman I have always loved (This may speak volumes about me and most likely of my attraction for Shonnie). 

Watch the Video and wish to be… Cinderella

(Good luck with that)

Video Credit: CaliforniaDreamin1

“Life is a Cabaret”

Never forget that.



12 thoughts on “Just Some Fun, Or a Promise of a Premise

  1. I must re-write the end. Not the whole piece.
    And thanks for the Vonnegut. (I need to read him, just as soon as I finish Hitch and Orwell… and Dostoevsky, and Marx..and Trotsky…)
    Peace My Friend,

  2. Why re-write it?! It’s beautiful the way it is. I saw Kurt Vonnegut speak once and he said that universities ruin more writers than they do improve. They teach young writers to sanitize their work for the sake of form. Even Bukowski spoke about the beauty of raw writing.

  3. My Maternal grandma was a flapper too. Then Rosie the Riveter, then she got struck with a malady she never got over: Baptist.
    Wish I had known her before she got sick. She would have been fun to me.

  4. My Good Friend,

    I concur.

    As I said, I got lazy, and yes, there are at least two more chapters there before Shonnie and I take to bed our last time. My laziness in posting the abridged version haunts me. I will rectify, using my Texan vernacular and sprinkled in with a soupçon of bullshit.
    Stay tuned.

    Cheers, and thanks for the honest feedback. I appreciate it.
    –Lance, The Erstwhile Texican

  5. I’ve always dug Mae and, believe it or not, Betty Boop. My maternal grandmother was a flapper. I once had photographic evidence to prove it.

    That said, the ending you chose for the tale of the biker’s bitch left me thinking that you lacked imagination, which bummed me out to no end because all Texicans have imagination to take the place where their gonads ought rightfully to be.

    Nah, that ain’t a challenge. 😀

  6. Sadie, My Good Friend,
    I copped out.
    Shonnie’s story deserves a better denouement.
    Those facts are those facts, but there is much more.
    Thanks for reading.

  7. It’s all good, Lance – though I won’t lie, definitely looking forward to reading more about Shonnie & how it all ended up should you decide to share that 🙂 Love the video! Mae West was something!!

  8. I love Mae. Always have. She got censored back in ’33. Imagine what we lost to the Puritans in this country that year. “She Done Him Wrong” was her best, but after that, they screwed her over.

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