Shonnie: Just Some Last Thoughts & One “Reminisce”

I killed these posts, this Series.

Pretty Certain Alcohol was involved.

Anyway, I brought it back, if for nothing else, my own edification.

And every word I wrote, everything I recounted actually happened as I described.

(And of course, because I love Sheryl Crow. And of course, as a vain writer, I just cannot cotton to killing my own words, once written. Hahahaha! Writers, Y’all know what I mean.) 

Please Bare er, ‘bear’… with me on this one Y’all.


Time always makes things (memories) better. This is how I cope. As for me and Shonnie, memories are multiplied–super-sized, if you will. The words I wrote of our relationship are all too true. I do hope she never reads those words, as neither she nor I are strong enough to re-live those heady days. This is how life is.

One is young once, (and older more than twice) and youth does stupid shit based upon that ‘youth’, and then, if lucky, one has a chance for redemption later in life.

(Not religious redemption: human redemption) I don’t apologize for my youthful indiscretions. They belong to me alone. I will carry. If anyone has in their head after reading my story of Lance and Shonnie, that I did not truly love her, that I allowed her to set me free for my own self-preservation, that I did not want to fight for her, then you may want to go back and read between the lines.

And with that ‘mini-rant’ spotlight shined into my soul, I leave you with this idealized and fantasized version of what Shonnie meant to me.

(Ms Shonnie’s part played and well-acted by Sheryl Crow.) And as good as Sheryl is, she could never be as good to me as was Shonnie. Ever. (But, I’d grant her an audition, none-the-less)

And it shames me now to admit this but I was, back then, not strong enough to be Shonnie’s man.

If you are new here and confused, here is the beginning of this little story: Shonnie

Go there with my Blessings… and Sympathy

19 thoughts on “Shonnie: Just Some Last Thoughts & One “Reminisce”

  1. There’s just something about a woman in leather and part Cherokee… Rita Coolidge comes immediately to mind…
    Thank you for a wonderful comment.

  2. thanks for the link to Sheryl Crow and sharing Shonnie with us. I had a friend named Shonnie, she was part Cherokee, she rode a Harley soft tail and wore purple leathers. 🙂

  3. I think a lot us have some ‘Shonnie’ in our past. (If we’re lucky, that is)
    Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. Hopefully you didn’t miss any bits.
    Thanks for visiting.
    Sheryl is an awesome talent for sure.

  5. Love Sheryl. Memorized (almost) ALL the lyrics to ALL the songs on albums 1 & 2… Now to find me some Shonnie closure as I think I may have missed a part somewhere. 🙂

  6. PS: It is a shame that Shonnie returned to her abuser. But it rings true for so many women.
    I’d like to believe she and the kids got out safely.

  7. You know my story Lance so I know that song well and have asked that question (in my mind ) on at least one occasion.
    Again, awesome write.

  8. Quite certain she is more popular than her erstwhile Texan boyfriend.
    Thanks for dropping in Mélanie!
    Happy Friday to you!

  9. Sheryl Crow has been popular and appreciated in France quite a while… she loves our national instrument: l’accordéon… 🙂

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  11. I killed the post.
    But resurrected it.
    No. I do not know where she is.
    Some things desired are best left undone.
    Thanks for reading and commenting.

  12. Do you know where she is today? Does she know where you are? You do no suffer along. We all have a Shonnie in our past. We could form a support group and everyone on the planet would be eligible for membership.

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