Just Who Do You Think You Are?–A Re-Post

I swerved into this while revisiting and  exploring my own writings. (I do this occasionally. Not out of vanity, but out of a need to understand how my blogging ‘style’ may have changed or hopefully matured) At any rate, I do think this one adds some small value to my recently completed “Shonnie, The Biker’s Wife of Bath” story.

And whilst swerving, I swerved into this: (If you watch it, I will send you a Mickey Mouse Pencil Sharpener and a box of Gin) Trust me: it still ‘fits’ my Shonnie Story. Ya see? The Earth is a smaller globe now. (redundant?)

 Vid Credit: DJ Bayonic

“Win your medals. Fuck your strangers. Don’t it leave you on the empty side?”

Any and all comments (and advice) regarding the tenor of this TT&H Blog will be greatly appreciated. So, take the time, drop a dime…

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This below was inspired by a post from a blogger I much admire: Abby of Abby Has Issues fame: writer, published author, blogger, self-described sarcastic (and inspiring–my words) wench.

Thank you Abby


“Who am I?”

This should be a very provocative question for all. Some ancient guy once said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

I am rapidly approaching my sixth decade on this earth and have been (painfully) taking stock of all that I could call My Life.” What good have I accomplished? What are the bad things I have done? How many ‘friends’ do I have? How many bridges have I nuked? (I generally do not ‘burn’ bridges; I have a tendency to shock and awe ‘em—obliterate ‘em) I have put my boots on the ground on every continent except South America. What has this taught me? A lot. Did I always use this knowledge gleaned? Most definitely not.

“Who am I?”

More and more I have come to the stark realization that I must sum me up with one word:


I am an asshole. I don’t want to be an asshole, pompous ass, arrogant ass, the smartest ass in the room, (which I obviously am… maybe once in ten or twenty tries 😉 ) I do not want to be any kind of ass, but that is my reality. I have made some friendships during my life which should have lasted forever, but didn’t: Mostly from my neglect. I have had some wonderfully loving relations with women, and actually married four of them. Each one of those relationships should have been a lasting euphoria, but I did not, could not, allow that.

Wanderlust always took me away, eventually needing to ‘get outta town’, but with no malice, just gotta go…  ‘This is the part where the cowboy rides away’–find some elusive spot half-way across the globe where I could ‘find’ ME, unencumbered by people who ‘love’ me and think they can help me.

Not sure if I have found me yet. And this is disconcerting, ‘cause I do fear the time for that is growing short. Writing helps, but I continue to struggle with:

“Who am I?”

I still don’t know.

As Abby broached the subject:

“How would you answer the question?”

Run with it, and drop in to read Abby (and tell her I sent ya–I sure could use the publicity)

Cheers Y’all and Happy Monday.

39 thoughts on “Just Who Do You Think You Are?–A Re-Post

  1. I can completely relate with this taking-stock-of-my-life thing (as I rapidly approach my 5th decade). You call yourself an asshole for the wanderlust that causes you to leave. But what do you call the idiot who stays long past their due date? Surely there’s not medal to be won for doing that, right?

    I think that the fact that you are as self-critical and self-aware as you appear to be is sign that you’re not an asshole. An asshole wouldn’t give a shit to even inspect their life.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Some excellent points. I have always admitted to being a slave to my wanderlust. So, I guess that makes me an ‘honest asshole’
      Thanks Friend.


  2. Wanderlust does not make one an asshole. Some are not the marrying type, just like there are some who can’t stand to be in a room alone. Back off, pardner. Isn’t the day-to-day struggle hard enough for you? Must you pile on yourself like that? What’s the point?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Actually, yes.
      I completely agree. My ‘beating me up’ here is just some vain waste of time; Cast out for whomever may want to drop me a Hallmark Card.
      The truth is, I never gave a shit. I moved on. (I had to)
      And thanks for calling an asshole an asshole.
      (Now, that is a joke)
      Should have read:
      “Thanks for calling me out.”
      Your comments always bring me (kicking and screaming), back to reality.
      I do thank you for that.
      Lance, Erstwhile Truth-Teller, and all around Ass.


  3. Who am I? Hmm…I’m funny (I think), I can be what people want me to be but learning not to do that as much, bold, sensitive, deep, impatient, shy away from close relationships, am a loner most of the time, love animals, good with technology, musician (or was), and I’m spiritually rooted. Just don’t ask who I was, lol.

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  4. Wow you actually called yourself a donkey butt! That is very honest. Sounds funny when I say it that way! Well I know exactly who I am and just what I’m capable of doing! I never say never and I’ve learned that like my Pa said, “I can’t tell you want to do but I can sure tell what not to do.” I am my Father’s daughter. This made me smile! Such a loaded post! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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