Silly Sunday

I am very happy happy happy today: Sunday!

Why? Don’t know exactly, just Happy. (Never look a gift of Happiness in the mouth!) Happiness is definitely NOT Lubbock in my rear-view mirror… But happiness is as happiness does. (Sorry Forrest)

Happy? Yeah. My English girlfriend just came home. Bearing gifts. Rib-eye steaks ($20—can you wrap some mind around that?—twenty quid for two steaks! Out-fucking-rageous!)

Ed. Note:  GF just corrected me: “Thirty dollars!” Ouch! (Gonna have ’em bronzed)

Back to the happy: I am happy because I am alive Just-one-more-day. (No drama there, just musing)

I am happy because I have folks who follow my blog. I am happy because some actually read my blog. I am happy because some actually comment on my blog.

Yep. I am happy.

Hoping you are too. At least for today. Run with it. I am.

Cheers, Beers, and Happiness to all Y ‘all!

-Lance, The Happy, Hippie, Erstwhile Sailor, Texan.

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26 thoughts on “Happy

  1. Well I’m happy you are happy 🙂

    And excuse me if i don’t watch the music video… very little country music does it for me. Some exceptions of course like Johnny Cash 🙂

  2. Wait a minute! It’s ‘Tuesday’?!
    I must have lost a day somewhere…
    Thank you Shelley for your visit and for your kind words.
    Happy….uh…. Tuesday!

  3. Happiness is one of those most wondrous and infectious epidemics worthy of catching from another person, and I’d have to say, Lance, that you are spreading some serious joy around lately. Although this is now Tuesday, I hope you’re still “suffering” from Sunday’s marvelous malady. I know I feel like I’ve gotten a boost of betterment just popping in to see what’s hangin’ in the deep, delightful South.
    Cheers to you, my friend!

  4. Happy to share. Lubbock did produce some great talents.
    Thanks for your visit Lesley. I appreciate it.

  5. i had a happy day yesterday, too

    one of those days, with nothing planned, no-one to see, no-one to talk to

    a warm sunny day, just lazing in the garden with some beer, wine, and the dogs for company

    so quiet and restful, I was almost in a meditative state

    lovely feeling !

  6. My husband swears there is no steak like a Texas steak. I’ll have to take him at his word. He won’t even order one here since he often travels to Texas. He’s ruined for life over steak!

    I’m happy you’re happy and because of a lazy day with a lovely glass of wine and a bubble bath calling my name. 🙂

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