Time In A Bottle (Please Pour It Out)

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On the street where I lived.


I Don't Get It

The Pied Piper and Her/His/Its Band of Loons The Pied Piper and Her/His/Its Band of Loons

I realize one day I will have to defend the 1980s to my son. He will ask the big questions, and I will do my best to make sense of that decade. Everything in excess, big and sprayed and sparkly. But NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING can defend the 1970s. What were you thinking? The entire country did not collectively drop acid in 1973, but you could have fooled me. Witness this scene from Indiana University.


I realize the times, they were a-changing. The times are always a-changing. I understand that having your friends and family drop dead right and left in a war we didn’t win was no picnic. In fact, I read just today about a six-foot college man who weighed 145 lbs at the time he was drafted and forced himself to drop down to 123 (officially underweight) to fail his…

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4 thoughts on “Time In A Bottle (Please Pour It Out)

    • I do think it to be a universal truth that we are partial to the times spent in adolescence. Not sure why. Maybe because during those times (as painful as they could sometimes be), we saw the world as a magical place, full of promise and life had not yet had the time to beat optimism out of us and replace it with cynicism.

      And yeah Kerbey: I’m ‘Hell when I’m swell.’


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