Today (Sunday)

Is all about you (Y’all)

I generally spend a lot of time reading (and commenting) on the posts of my friends.

I have been  remiss of late in this.

I would apologize, but one of my favorite blogger-friends advised me that if I ‘apologize’ I may seem less than a man.

Therefore, I will not apologize. (not that I value advice from a twenty-three-year-old pundit, but that I am forced, now, to reevaluate… some things…) I will just remark that tomorrow (now today) I will visit all y’all’s sites and try to contribute…



And of course, I have a ‘plug’.


And of course, don’t ever be a….


13 thoughts on “Today

  1. Schmucks abound, my friend.

    I almost named my site “Fluff and Bupkiss”, but I say, “Oy” a lot, and if I call the site “Fluff and Bupkiss” people might think I’m trying to claim a heritage that doesn’t really belong to me, which isn’t true; I just grew up with a lot of people to whom that heritage rightfully belongs, and sometimes you just pick up the linguistic impulses of the people within your immediate surroundings.

    And THAT is how NOT to write a run-on sentence.

    (I might be feeling slightly weird this morning. It’s probably time to take my meds.)

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