I Am Going to Post Some Fresh Shit… Soon, but I like this post…

…And I find it ‘timely.’


“Dear (fill in the name) I am so sorry we are apart, but you see, I am serving… something, something greater, something important, something, some power, Uh, My ego. See you soon. Love, Lance”

Away from my Homeland.


I have.

My Choice.


Sometimes in Service of my Country.

Sometimes in Service of Lance.

But, always, always, In Service  of That Great American Dream.

I came home from Iraq in ’09.

Went to Kandahar in ’11.

Came home late ’12.

Guess what?

There is no American Dream no mas.

The Bureaucrats killed it. 

I am a Patriot.

I love my country.

I served my ‘Country’.

But now, I do not recognize my country.

Now, I am leaning to socialism.

This post is but a beginning.

I am not gonna bore y’all with Lenny and Sarah, and bullshit anymore.

I am gonna bore you with reality.

The Reality.

Stay tuned.

For those of Y’all ‘Fraid of the NSA, well, bow out now gracefully. I have no fear, but I am old and have nothing to lose. And to quote Bette Davis: “Fasten Your Seatbelts; it’s going to be a bumpy night.”

And, Yes! I am not stupid. I do recognize the dichotomy of the diametrically opposed points of the two songs I present below for your perusal. You must sort out your own feelings.

Now, some would argue, “Lance is just living in his past; he is craving for the days when Revolution was a real possibility”

Some might say that.

I say, “There is no better time than the present, to take it up; because things now, are really fucked up.”

“Wake up!”

Wake the hell up, America!

My Country!

I love my America.

I truly do.


There are people in Gaza: REAL PEOPLE.

13 thoughts on “I Am Going to Post Some Fresh Shit… Soon, but I like this post…

  1. You know Lance, my personal opinion is that America’s leadership or lack there of concerning national foreign policy is truly the travesty here.
    Freeing an oppressed people and then pulling out without the benefit of training them on how to fend for themselves is unfinished business that is now coming back to reclaim the ground they lost.
    Once again, those very same factions are taking up arms against an unprepared, untrained peoples.
    This is wrong on every level.

  2. There are so many fights to fight, Lance. So many. But I have great hope for the new generation coming up. I really do.

    Back in the day they labeled my generation “X”. They said we had no cause and no ambition. Then they used this label to market their shit to us. “No, no! You misunderstood us! ‘X’ is for XTREME! It’s cool.”

    me and a lot of my compatriots had nothing but a big ‘ol Fuck You to that. We knew who we were. Some of us still do. But… now we talk about the ones proceeding us, and we call them “Entitled”.

    You know what? I hope they do feel entitled. Entitled to a better world than they’ve been left. Entitled to speak up and say, “This is NOT the way things are supposed to be.” Entitled to tear it all down and build it back up again. And me? I’ll be right there with them until my end.

    I hope, Lance. I mean it. I HOPE. It’s a beautiful thing.

  3. I waded through your comments. 😉
    I love (blog love) you!
    Yes! I am a patriot!
    As are you.

  4. I hear you, my friend. I love this country….but dtest the current politics. I think the men and women who serve worthy of admiration…it is only individuals who misrepresent the uniforms they wear who anger me, and they are few and far between. And the multitude of feelings and opinions that sometimes seem so opposite they cannot exist in one person? A lie. We are complex beings, and therefore collections of complexities and seemingly contradicting ideals

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