Final Flair

This has been said before.

You do not come to my site for revelation.

You come here (I hope) looking for Texas-in-all-the-wrong-places.

Never mind that one.

I have an affinity for Willie, (as all Texans do)

Therefore, since we all have our ‘Sound-Tracks’, here is one from mine:

I hope you like it.



P.S. I have lived a reckless sort of life, but ya know what?

“There’s nothin’ I can do about it now.”

So… I rock on.

Do I have a choice?

Did I ever?

24 thoughts on “Final Flair

  1. Oh my Mr. Marcum – I am a huge Willie fan, but not sure I have ever heard that song. THAT is totally one of my life’s soundtracks, too!! And that is why I come here – I was destined to find a fellow Texas kindred spirit and that spirit was you ~ ☮ ~
    {I used “Stardust” to help calm and put my child & my grandchild to sleep over the years – wore out a couple cd’s. Have A LOT of favs, but this one holds special meaning – I was 14, & working my 1st real job down on the Kemah waterfront in the days of the drawbridge. They played it on the radio all the time at the seafood restaurant I worked in (smile and a wistful sigh) Enjoy!!

    • “I’d have to be weird…. to grow me a beard….just to see what the rednecks would do…”
      Did that.
      Survived it / them, them ‘thrice’ (r’s)

      Cheers Sadie

    • Just for fun (and for clarification)
      My name is not ‘Marcum.’
      No ‘u’ found in there.
      My name is “Marcom.’
      Thank you.
      Drive through.

    • Down he’ah, we used to call Stephen F. Austin the ‘Father of Texas’, then we realized…. He wern’t of our ‘time’ (an’ all)
      Thanks Sarah.
      “Me no Alamo”

  2. I come here because you can make the mundane interesting. We all have choices: sometimes we need to go with the lesser evil or more expedient. That all said, this is a good song for me this morning…..

    • To quote Susan Sarandon from ‘Bull Durham’:
      “I don’t wanna be ‘cute’! Baby rabbits are cute; I wanna be mysterious!”
      Hey! Thanks for making me smile out loud.
      P.S. What ABOUT Texas!
      “Got a rope?” (sic)

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