Final Flair

This has been said before.

You do not come to my site for revelation.

You come here (I hope) looking for Texas-in-all-the-wrong-places.

Never mind that one.

I have an affinity for Willie, (as all Texans do)

Therefore, since we all have our ‘Sound-Tracks’, here is one from mine:

I hope you like it.



P.S. I have lived a reckless sort of life, but ya know what?

“There’s nothin’ I can do about it now.”

So… I rock on.

Do I have a choice?

Did I ever?

24 thoughts on “Final Flair

  1. Just for fun (and for clarification)
    My name is not ‘Marcum.’
    No ‘u’ found in there.
    My name is “Marcom.’
    Thank you.
    Drive through.

  2. To quote Susan Sarandon from ‘Bull Durham’:
    “I don’t wanna be ‘cute’! Baby rabbits are cute; I wanna be mysterious!”
    Hey! Thanks for making me smile out loud.
    P.S. What ABOUT Texas!
    “Got a rope?” (sic)

  3. Down he’ah, we used to call Stephen F. Austin the ‘Father of Texas’, then we realized…. He wern’t of our ‘time’ (an’ all)
    Thanks Sarah.
    “Me no Alamo”

  4. “I’d have to be weird…. to grow me a beard….just to see what the rednecks would do…”
    Did that.
    Survived it / them, them ‘thrice’ (r’s)

    Cheers Sadie

  5. Oh my Mr. Marcum – I am a huge Willie fan, but not sure I have ever heard that song. THAT is totally one of my life’s soundtracks, too!! And that is why I come here – I was destined to find a fellow Texas kindred spirit and that spirit was you ~ ☮ ~
    {I used “Stardust” to help calm and put my child & my grandchild to sleep over the years – wore out a couple cd’s. Have A LOT of favs, but this one holds special meaning – I was 14, & working my 1st real job down on the Kemah waterfront in the days of the drawbridge. They played it on the radio all the time at the seafood restaurant I worked in (smile and a wistful sigh) Enjoy!!

  6. I come here because you can make the mundane interesting. We all have choices: sometimes we need to go with the lesser evil or more expedient. That all said, this is a good song for me this morning…..

  7. I can tell you’re not gay because my wife’s not following your blog. She has a strong affinity for fags and says they make the best girlfriends. Both of her ex-husbands agreed with her and slept with her best fag-friend. 😀

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