Like This. Just do it.

I AM gonna write on this…

But just now, I am working some other thing.

Oh, and by the way, This movie is top shelf.

Comment below, (or not) on how this film is great, or not great.

I mean, how can you go wrong with

Elton John?

“I have to go home….”

“You are home.”

20 thoughts on “Like This. Just do it.

  1. Love the movie! Love when everyone knows the words & just starts singing – we do that a lot – me & my family & my friends 🙂
    AND LOVE this song – my husband tells me this songs always reminds him of me . . . and I am an LA lady, in cryptic terms . . .
    Love your posts Lance <3

  2. “How can you go wrong with Elton John?”

    I got four words for you: “Benny and the Jets” 😉

    I never did see this one. There are so many movies I don’t see these days.

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