17 thoughts on “Memphis

  1. Damn,I am catching up . . . did you move from OK to Memphis? Do I have all of this so wrong, you are laughing right now 😉

  2. You have to walk down Union Avenue singing ‘Walking in Memphis’ at the top of your voice – that’s a good start 🙂

  3. And I am a Pagan. When CHristians who actually deserve the name say “God Bless You” I merely take it as they meant: Thank you, and may good follow you. Like my last blog says…. language is somewhat specific to generation, belief, and situation.

  4. Jeezus his own bad self would approve of your charitable goodwill. Then he’d drink some homemade wine and bang a hooker.

    The biggest pain in my ass this week has been right there in Memphis. And it wasn’t even you! 😀

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