One More Time: There are People In Gaza!

…And I find it ‘timely.’


“Dear (fill in the name) I am so sorry we are apart, but you see, I am serving… something, something greater, something important, something, some power, Uh, My ego. See you soon. Love, Lance”

Away from my Homeland.


I have.

My Choice.


Sometimes in Service of my Country.

Sometimes in Service of Lance.

But, always, always, In Service  of That Great American Dream.

I came home from Iraq in ’09.

Went to Kandahar in ’11.

Came home late ’12.

Guess what?

There is no American Dream no mas.

The Bureaucrats killed it. 

I am a Patriot.

I love my country.

I served my ‘Country’.

But now, I do not recognize my country.

Now, I am leaning to socialism.

This post is but a beginning.

I am not gonna bore y’all with Lenny and Sarah, and bullshit anymore.

I am gonna bore you with reality.

The Reality.

Stay tuned.

For those of Y’all ‘Fraid of the NSA, well, bow out now gracefully. I have no fear, but I am old and have nothing to lose. And to quote Bette Davis: “Fasten Your Seatbelts; it’s going to be a bumpy night.”

And, Yes! I am not stupid. I do recognize the dichotomy of the diametrically opposed points of the two songs I present below for your perusal. You must sort out your own feelings.

Now, some would argue, “Lance is just living in his past; he is craving for the days when Revolution was a real possibility”

Some might say that.

I say, “There is no better time than the present, to take it up; because things now, are really fucked up.”

“Wake up!”

Wake the hell up, America!

My Country!

I love my America.

I truly do.


There are people in Gaza: REAL PEOPLE.

Goddamn it!



6 thoughts on “One More Time: There are People In Gaza!

  1. OH & I love to be bored with Reality 🙂 Can’t wait. NSA is spying on us all already LOL! And I agree, these are all real people . . .

  2. Getting caught up now!!! 🙂 Totally understand & get it! LOVE the songs you posted!! The American Dream as we were raised to know is gone – it has died a horrible yet subtle death (while most weren’t even paying attention!). AND things now ARE really fucked up – in a whole lot of places besides just here at home . . . I think the revolution is coming – just not sure what form or fashion it will take . . . or what will result. It’s a scary world out there – I think I mention that in at least 1/2 of my posts 😉
    Peace ~ ☮~

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