I Fell in love with Her

But, it was just a summer thing.

I got over it.

Well, not really.

I ‘like’ Jane Fonda too… (Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone)

Vid Credit? You know who you are. Have your people call my people: We’ll do lunch.

In keeping with my ‘Newly Re-Invented’ Self, there is something subliminal working here.

Just sayin’…

Had a happy Sunday, Y’all.



Oh, and by the way, This Evening is Over:

And just in case y’all think I have grown (groan?) soft on women and am starting to trust them…

Go Here for historical perspective.

Then here for fun:

Vid Credit: Carlos




14 thoughts on “I Fell in love with Her

  1. Barbra and Jane… 2 living legends, I love them both! ❤ Jane is la FEMME TOTALE, btw she speaks French fluently and she comes to France at least once a year… 🙂

    buenas noches in Tejas y have a pleasant weekend, Monsieur Lance! 🙂

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    • And of course you are probably aware of the story (might be apocryphal) that when ‘Funny Girl’ was release it was banned in Cairo (and we are talking nineteen sixties here, not our current ‘Jihad-Daze’), because Omar Sharif is Egyptian and he was on-screen kissing a Jew.
      Just some more from my fountain of needless to know information…


  2. You never get over it. Not completely. I don’t

    Look how young Kate Hudson looks! That was a long time ago and the last good movie she made. She’s a bomb factory.

    I saw Santana during his “permanent residency” in Las Vegas about two years ago. Between songs, he would rap with the audience. He made no sense whatsoever. Too much weed. But, boy, could he play guitar.

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