And Lenny (and Christopher) Lives (again) Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid (sic)

Below please find today’s bit:

(May be offensive to people of faith)

(If you are religious, you may have swerved into the wrong page.)

Even that statement is wrong. It presupposes that religious folk do not have a sense of humor, or that they are intolerant of not-religious folk. I know of only one religion which is totally intolerant and not open to sense of humor. I don’t need to name it, but we all know its name (Shhh…. Don’t tell. But it starts with an M and ends with an ‘um’.   Yeah! You guessed it: Methodist-um”

(Now I know, I have been uncharacteristically silent on the ISIS CRISIS in specific and ‘Religion Poisons Ever’Thing’ in General. I am ‘back-building’, much like that volcano in Iceland. What you may experience here, today, is just a fissure, impotently  spewing. ‘Fissuring’, if you will. Don’t worry: The Big Bang is coming folks and it ain’t gonna be nothin’ nice.)

Shhhhh…. don’t tell. Keep yer head, and yer wits, and yer tits, and yer clits about you.

So… Don’t speak. Bad for your health: ‘Speaking.’

Listen / Watch Here Below: And Christopher’s last line (in case you missed it)

“Stay cool.” 

So ‘be cool’ and watch it, for it is timely, given our present present.

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The Lenny Bit (Religion Inc) Listen if You Please:


Oral Roberts



Pope John XXIII









More Lenny Here:

Thanks For Listening

And just for fun:

And as a completely different aside: I got some very good advice from a very, well not very, not even a very good friend, let us just call her ‘an acquaintance’:

She chastised me.


Because I employ too many parentheses…. “Makes me hard to read.’  She said. ‘Madman,’ She said. Truth, she spoke.

Now that!


That is good advice!

Thank you, Nameless Person.


17 thoughts on “And Lenny (and Christopher) Lives (again) Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid (sic)

  1. Believe it or not Shelley, but in my absence, I have been reading your blog, and, as I have said, I love the way you write. I am a fan. a fan. C’est moi.

  2. Reblogged this on Texan Tales & Hieroglyphics and commented:

    Finally! I discovered how to re-blog shit. Thank God! Perusing my past posts, I have discovered that the best I ever had to offer was Christopher Hitchens and Lenny Bruce. Sad commentary, yes, I know.

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  4. Dear Friend Sadie,
    I always love your comments.
    It is so obvious to me that you put time and effort into them (now I sound like a blooming English Prof–not my intent).
    My point is thus:
    I appreciate the time you take, as I do try to answer every comment with the same level of sincerity it begs.
    So many great points you make here.
    ISIS? Only one option here and I think you know.
    Religion? Well, I am neither religious nor spiritual, but I can live and love those who are. (or even just think they are)

    Ah… The Bible? Yeah, I have read ‘most’ of it. Difficult to get through yeah, I admit that, but as an Atheist, I just felt compelled to ‘read’ the competition’s playbook.

    So Glad you liked ‘most’ of the videos. 😉

    Here is some truth:
    I never put up a video that I do not find germane to the ‘argument’, or at least entertaining, as was the case with The Chicks. (and of course there is that ‘Texan’ Connection Thang)

    You always, always brighten my day.
    I thank you for that.

  5. Yes.
    Ya know, I do harbor a special place in my heart for the Middle East to include Jordan, Iraq, Israel, UAE… et cetera.
    And Afghanistan, even though that ain’t ‘proper mid east’.
    I have (well had–lost contact with most of them) lots of Israeli friends.
    Lots of Iraqi friends.
    Lots of friends from UAE.
    Certainly many from Amman Jordan.
    I am saddened by all this turmoil, yet…
    What’s a cowboy to do?
    I mean..
    We probably all need to take a fucking chill, yet alas.
    I do not see that forthcoming.

  6. Always appreciate the Hitch-slap (RIP, my older Limey brother!). The ISIS thing, IMHO, is yet another result of our corporate interests interfering where they don’t belong. Either way, when we try to reason and otherwise deal with religious fanatics (especially them thar middle-eastern Methodist-ums), it is always like playing with fire, and sooner or later, everyone gets burned.

  7. Dear Matthew,

    My ‘stance’ on Zionism is well-documented.
    My ‘stance’ on religion even more so.
    My ‘stance’ on racism too is well-endowed.

    Thank you Friend.
    My Good Friend.

    You ‘get’ (it) me.
    I love that.
    Keep reading: And writing.
    And commentin’

  8. Lance, ISIS is incredibly troubling & the only thing good about them is that they might actually make long-term adversaries finally all have at least ONE common goal – to eradicate them.
    Last month I started reading this book – The Story (NIV of the Bible in story/novel form) – my grandma’s church had purchased for them all to read & she provided me & my siblings a copy. [My grandma died a year ago this past Feb. at the age of 89 & her bday is in August, so in honor of her I decided to finally pick it up & read it & then get rid of it – I have WAY TOO MANY books. I am a spiritual person & a believer, but not religious. I tend to have issues with organized religion. I have attempted to read the entire Bible many times & have never been able to get through it, so thought I would try The Story.] I am still in the Old Testament part of the story & I swear the majority of it is nothing but warring, invading, and killing. My husband has commented that it has always been this way over there since the beginning. I will continue on & am hoping the New Testament is more uplifting.
    One of my favorite bumper stickers I ever saw said, “The Light is one, the Roads are many . . .” and I truly believe this way, BUT ISIS – that road needs to be shut down!!
    Videos were good and def added to your post – well not sure about the Dixie Chicks one – but I know how fond you are them LOL 😉
    Your post & some of the comments reminded me of this:
    ☮ ~ ☮ PEACE ☮ ~ ☮

  9. You make perfect sense Lance and why I hold your blog and comments in such high regard. ‘Radical Islam’ rather than ‘Islam’ per se is taking religion to a whole new level. When you advertise your cause by showing beheadings on youtube, then its perhaps time to question, ‘may be us bunch of wackos have gone just a wee bit far, dunt ya tink?’

    I like your wanes and waxes description and hating them all equally. Beheading innocent American journalists on you tube by saying it’s your holy right to be an Islamic State and on another level bombing a UN school building in Gaza, by arguing that you are protecting what is the holy land. Injustice is what religious causes eventually leads to – It tries to say, we are above you. I will not respect you because you are one of us. That’s the price of religion – an unjust society.

  10. Shelley,
    I am posting “The Big Bang” presently.
    It ain’t Shakespeare, but it does (roughly) fill out some gaps.
    Gonna be about an hour: I have to sprinkle some music/video into it….
    Why? I do not know; just my wont, I suppose.

  11. Hola!
    Hey, thanks for stopping by.
    Yeah, I am but a small fissure in this large volcano we call ‘The World’.
    Yep; That Big Bang is about to begin and from ‘That Singularity’
    (I have been watching videos from Stephen Hawking, Larry Krauss, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Dawkins, Hitchens, et al)

    It sometimes seems I have spent half my life in The Mid East.
    There are many reasons for this.
    One was money
    But, all the rest… were because I loved The People.
    I do love the culture.
    I love the desert.
    “But there is nothing in the desert El Aurens.” Why do you love it?”

    “Because it is clean.”

    Yet the hideous news of just some few hours ago shocked even me.

    ISIS is NOT Islam.

    And you know I am not an apologist for Any Religion, but, ISIS does profane them all.
    As one Talking Head said,
    “They are Medieval.”
    I’d have to concur with just a small edit:
    “They are not Medieval; they are just Evil.”

    My ‘Big Bang’ would be too late.
    So I don’t think I will add my voice to the voice of the obvious.
    If I were religious, I would pray for the family of the slain. But since I am not, I will just weep for humanity and how far we have managed to mangle all that we should call / be human.

    end of speech

    Thanks Shelley for your kind words and for your visit.
    (I promise: My next post will not be too ‘heavy’)

  12. Matthew you make some good points as always.
    B U T,
    As for singling out one religion. On this current one, I think it is time to face the fact that Islam is “A Band Apart” — Today.

    As Hitch once said, and I am paraphrasing: “In The Thirties, the most dangerous religion was Catholicism. Now it is Radical Islam.”

    See? It waxes and wanes: This Religion Bullshit–This Man-Made, Created Monstrosity. This… this Bullshit.
    Each gets to have ‘Their Day in the Sun’
    I do sin-seared-ly \ seriously… hate them all.

    As for Gaza, I do believe I have written on that, found here below:

    And here:

    Thanks for stopping by.
    Your comments always give me some pause.
    Cheers Friend,

    “There are people in Gaza: REAL PEOPLE.

    Goddamn it!”

  13. Fissuring, eh? The Big Bang about to be unleashed? Yikes, Lance. I’ll keep my head down, but know that I’m always curious to see your take on what’s happening. And of course I’m never disappointed with the plethora of video and audio treats you supply for your readers. I suppose “watch this space” is the best plan of action, so I’ll do just that.
    And maybe I’ll do a few deep breathing exercises for you to boot. Can’t hurt, right?
    Cheers my friend!

  14. I liked the video, but I would warn singling out a given religion and saying, ‘I don’t objectively believe it’. You know why? Who gives a shit what he thinks. This goes back to my initial comments in the smartest men post. What is important is highlighting the violent outcomes as a direct result of religious rhetoric and promoting separation between religion and state. Let’s not forget the terrible atrocities which occur in Gaza nearly daily. Violence is breeding a new generation of terrorists, who have reasonto believe in their cause. When its family, its personal. It’s a terrible cycle whats going on.

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