Hey! I’m Writing Here! (Once Again)

Now, C’mon Y’all.

Vid Credit: Guyism

I am just having fun, exploring (exploiting?) some of my inane, insane, In-Same, recent posts.

And of course, I love to ‘share my wares.’ Because I am just that vain (don’t ask me why or how I justify that statement.)

So there!

If I post something you have already ready read, sorry…

New shit will be forthcoming.

And soon. And I promise. And the check is in the mail and I won’t… do that in your mou… “Ah don’t go there Lance.”

But, in the meantime:

And not to put too fine a point on it (trite, yep): My writing and my posts are ‘all over some places…’  But ‘Twould behoove to follow some of the links, as I find them entertaining. (Your individual experience may vary, and even differ, or beg to)


Hey! I’m writing here!

(Fleeting thoughts seem to fly away. Okay? That’s Okay, Right? Isn’t it?)

Credit: https://www.youtube.com/user/mattfosternow

It is easy

“Now Go f#%k off and leave me alone. And while you are leavin’ me alone, make me some more coffee.”


“and thanks for the pepperoni.”

(Sorry.. vague Lenny Bruce reference)

I actually said this aloud to my much maligned invisible muse. Bless her heart.

The dog walked over to me an inquired, “Hey! Rance!” (he cannot pronounce my name. He is a dog after all) “Rance,” he said. “You OK Bubba?”

(Overheard by some fly on some wall in some other multi-verse.)

Probably it was just the wind. Ed. Note 2021: The above link is dead, just like the project it was linked to: “Mars One.’ *Heavy Sigh*


‘Tax Day’ (they say) Means nada to me: means  Bupkis! (great Yiddish word: use it in a sentence today and then it is yours for all of maternity)

Why? “‘Cause I had no income last year. That’s why!”

Oy vey! Yep! Good thing ‘bout that there: No taxes.

Moving on to today’s post…

(Oh yeah: first order of business: “The Daily Lenny”)

Well, You May Find it here, whisked into a long post about a mechanic. Yes. You will have to work to find it. So Sorry.

Let us paws for a second.

(Goddamnit Lance! Enuff with the fucking puns!)

Take a breath.

“This is swerving dangerously close to being another rant.”


“Yes. I know.”

*Moving on…*

Now Where was I?

Oh Yeah!


Not really.


Nope (but theirBreaking Newsis ‘bout to break my spirit and my capacity to love anyone)

Serious for one second. I weep for those family who lost family on That Plane.

*Whew! Now we got that sentiment out of the way…*

Still trying to Move On Dot Org…

(Just kidding—I do not even know where that is)

More Breaking Fucking News!

Some idiot on CNN just said, “Let us be Frank.” (and Tom, Dick, and Harry)

(not sure in reference to what—generally—I only half-listen, but that one caught some vacant, unused part of my ear)

*Still trying to move on and find a purpose for this purposeless post*

Y’all know what?

This is gonna be an “all-day” project.

There is just too much shit running about in my head.

I will get back you.

As they say:

To be continued…

11 thoughts on “Hey! I’m Writing Here! (Once Again)

  1. Oh man. Imagine what breaking news was like when you wrote this compared to breaking news in real time. Wait. No don’t do that. Never mind. That won’t do any of us any good. Carry on.

  2. And yet on a ‘somewhat serious’ note: (If I ever become capable of THAT), what would You… Suggest… I write About?

  3. Hey SS!

    Great to hear from you.
    “Fucking insane?”
    “Nonsensical bullshit?”
    My own ‘Private Idaho’ ??
    (Yeah, I suppose.)

    Guilty. (Me)

    Thank you.
    Thank you for (always) keeping me (somewhat) “Grounded”
    (And Yeah: I threw in the parenthesis just for you)

    Peace and (Nothing but Love for you SS),

  4. Yeah, I suppose you’re right: My sandbox, my toys, my attitude… but above all: my Gratitude for your coming to play.

  5. Yeah, this shit is FUCKING insane… It’s not a blog it’s like your personal journal or nonsensical bull shit.

    Get it together not Lance. Drink less, of more. I don’t know.

  6. In my parts, we still call that ‘The Boulder Dam.’
    Not too many fans of Hoover here in the Dust Bowl.
    Even now.
    Just saying.

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