I Am Tim

For some of y’all regular (read: ‘Old-Timers’-visitors’ to my blog), you may recognize this link to SS.
For you new amongst us, maybe you should just ‘stay calm and carry on.’
Either way, I appreciate your comments and your visits, and no!

I am not Tim.
Well, at least not today. Maybe tomorrow.
‘Stray’ Tuned….

And yeah! SS is one of my favorite sites…

And yes! Tell her I sent ya!

(I am trying to get her to ‘like’ me.)

Not!!!! Not really; I am just pushing her buttons.



16 thoughts on “I Am Tim

  1. Me? Since January.
    Ah… so many posts under some bridge.
    I have looked at your blog.
    It is fine.
    You will, as I did say, have fun.
    You will meet nice people.
    You will be inspired to write (as have I by them)
    You will have fun.
    (Did I mention that?)

  2. I am humbled. (Sincerely)
    Thank you so much.
    I honestly do not ‘do’ awards, but the real ‘award’ is being nominated by a friend.
    Thank you again.

  3. I ‘like’ SS.
    She hates me….
    (Just kidding.)
    She has a good site.
    Go there and tell her I sent ya!
    She will mock me for that!

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