This is the Kroger’s I visit every day.

I have found nothing but nice (Yes, BLACK) people there, helping me.

This happened Sunday.

I cannot even imagine.

Not at MY Kroger’s. 


I am saddened.

Spike Lee is a hero of mine: He gives good movie and ya just gotta love Samuel L. Jackson… Just saying:

There needs to be some space.

For race.

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10 thoughts on “Kroger’s

  1. This is so sad, Lance. I just don’t understand people. Sure I get pissed off sometimes, & I won’t lie I would defend myself & my loved ones to the bitter end (against a real threat) . . . but I never understand senseless unprovoked violence towards people, animals or things. (Haven’t seen that movie in forever!)

  2. Bored kids showing off to each other. I was caught in the middle of a riot many years ago and the violence spread so fast but there was fault on both sides between the people and the police. This, however, appears to have no reason for happening at all. Stupid, stupid, stupid and this could result in lifelong criminal records and for what?

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