I have a serious bug-up-my-butt!


I am only going to say this once (Thank Baby Hey-Zeus!)

The People Who Died On Nine – Eleven

Were NOT Heros!


That is ALL THEY Were!



Let us revenge  avenge them!

Ed. Note: Of course the first responders Were, nay ARE Heroes and shall always remain such. And as Mark pointed out so were those civilians inside the towers who gave their lives trying to help their fellows escape. When I refer to ‘victims’ I am referring to the ninety percent who were just doing what we all do everyday: We get up, go to work, come home, kiss the significant other, pet the dog or the cat or the goldfish, and then next day, rinse and repeat.  They were just innocent victims.

And I have been to war, and revenge is lame and not really strategic.

Nor magic.

It is just… death.

(You figger out my meaning)

I am done here.



P.S. If anyone out there knows history of the Mid East….

I invite debate.

And I worked so hard… to get the “Stray Cat Shuffle” for y’all. And here it was, right here, all along:

And for some YouTube Reasons the above link don’t work: try the one below.

(Yeah! I am pissed at technol–Oh Gee!)

Try again.

Don’t give up,

And remember: if your computer is ‘broken’, re-boot. 

Solves ninety nine per-cent of problems…

These word ‘O’h  These words!

From an’ old computer geek.

(And no! I never envisioned that day, that day, whereby, I would even think, let alone, utter, those words. Guess I have come full circle.)






12 thoughts on “OKAY!

  1. You make so much sense to this ole gal from the UK. What interests me is that many ‘patriots’ would be shocked at your statement but it is because they fail to understand what it actually means. I despair of the ignorance which parades itself as love of your country. Keep on doing what you do – incite some brain cells to get into gear and analyse! Go Lance. 🙂

  2. Last time I was on a “real” road trip, I ended up ‘trippin’… to Led Zep…and some…young brunette with big tits and hormones…and I think herb…but, I do not recall much over that…

  3. Chewgoddit, Good Sir! Though we might have to drive more than four hours to find the part, since there’s precious little in stock out here in the boonies. Road trip!

  4. Some day I’m gonna git me a job in computers. If they ever get around to making one I can fit inside.

    Co-inky-dinkily I’m procrastinatin’ on fixin’ up our Whirly-pool Kenmore Sears electrical dryin’ machine just because our laundry room is small and it’ll be a big pain in the ass to get at the belt because of it. If you should happen to find yourself in Western Colorado, I’ll provide liquor and pot if you’ll show me how such a repair can be proficiently done. Or just tell me about it after, since I find work repulsive and will likely just sit in here in my office fuckin’ off while you bust knuckles, cuss, bleed, and bitch. 😀

  5. Ya know…Heathen…
    Do not get me started on 9/11 either.
    Reboots? Toys?
    I am a neophyte when it is coming to computers, but I did build my own 486 and years later fixed it with duct tape and a new power supply…for my ex wife, just so she could finish her dissertation on it. I am rather proud of that…. The dissertation was on Chris Marlowe–go figger… Apropos, n’est-ce-pas? (Would have only been more fitting if it had been on Dante…)

    Yeah, I am.
    And not even ever today… today…
    I repaired a Kenmore SEARs washer…although I am mechanically challenged…

  6. It’s only the toy operating systems that are fixed by rebooting. 😀 My workstation only reboots if the power fails for long enough that the UPS runs out of battery power.

    I take it that someone recently referred to the hapless victims of 9/11 as heroes? That would be some real Nazi shit, but not at all surprising from a country that refers to itself as Homeland and cannot sustain its economy except through war. Don’t get me started on 9/11…

    Aw, fuck. Too late. Now my mood is soured. Good thing reefer is legal here and I ain’t out yet!

  7. Wow!
    Someone ‘unnerstands’
    And here I was thinking, “Hey! Lance! Such a bold, lame! Statement! You need to move… Dude!”
    But then, Chris, You ain’t ‘xactly from these here parts, are ye?”
    Why I love My Internet:
    I can ‘talk’ to smart people.
    A Texan.

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