“Lance ‘Dun’ Went Three Bubbles Off Plumb!”

Now, “Run Tell That!”

I do love anyone and ever’one who darkens my doorstep.


Now… sleep is an option I long to explore.

Catch Y’all on the Flip-Flop.

Pretty much have said all my piece for a spell.




“colder than a ticket taker’s smile
at the Ivar Theatre, on a Saturday night”


3 thoughts on “HaHaHa!

    • Three bubbles is my limit; more than that off plumb and I am flung into outer space.

      Not too many I have met appreciate Tom. Sometimes I think I may hang with the wrong crowd. (Truth is now, I don’t hang out with any crowd) But back in the day, I always enjoyed the ‘In Crowd’, but was probably deluding myself: I belong to the “Out-Crowd.”


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