3 thoughts on “Ode’ to Facebook…

  1. Thank you Shelley.
    I am sure my Sister will appreciate your kind words (as you know, do I).
    ‘Time’ has an interesting cover story this week on mostly this very subject.

    Not that I am a huge fan of Time Mag… OH dammit! Now I’ve done it! Gotta post that old song by Joan Baez)

  2. Wow, Lance, you sister has a lovely way with words. The before and after (or maybe reverse that) of Facebook–and maybe all social media. I really like the phrase ‘a reality show of a thousand channels.’ Such an interesting take on connectivity. And of course the naked truth of whether or not these “connections” have truly brought us closer together or made us more scattered.
    I suppose without it, I’d never have been given the pleasure to bump into you! 🙂
    A lot to chew on, and I thank you for sharing her words. Pass on my appreciation toward her prose.
    Cheers, my friend!

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