Now, let us ‘deconstruct’ “Y’all”

Why not?

In the English Oxford Dictionary, ‘you’

“Used to refer to the person or people that the speaker is addressing”




Yeah, not so fast.

Southerners having none of that.

See? English English breaks down right there.

We (us southerners) need more.

Southerners need ‘Y’all’

Now ever’one needs “Y’all”

Sometimes… we need “All Y’all.”

(just to make certain there is no ambiguity)

Jes’ sayin’…

And P.S. My good friend, Pain,  over at http://exileonpainstreet.com/

 once said, and I try to quote:

“If I see too many posts in My Reader… I get ‘overload’ and delete them all.”

He said that.

I admire that: his truthfulness.

I too, try and usually fail, to read… ever’one.


But… I never delete.

I just try to catch up.

That’s all.


12 thoughts on “Y’all

  1. Thank you.
    King Richard will be himself again…. soon.
    Look it up: That quote is from some Shakespeare thingy.
    “Richard III” I do think, but do not quote me.

  2. Dear Mark,
    I have been (of late) remiss.
    Someday soon…. I will visit your site, but for now, I am too unhappily busy searching for JOBs in the Mid East and do well enuff just to throw an inane post or two up…. occasionally.
    Please forgive me.

  3. You just got the case study in Youse Guys and Dese, Dems and Doses, Lance. Living in Syracuse for 30 years, I’ve slipped out of speaking like that. But put me back down there, and it creeps back into my vernacular so damn fast!

  4. Up here in Syracuse I surely do bastardize your grand southern statement to Youse guys, Lance. I can’t help myself, being born in Brooklyn, famous home of dese, dem and dose’s.

  5. I use this word all the time, but if I get called out on it, suddenly I can’t pronounce it without sounding like EllyMae Clampett. A simple word becomes three arduous syllables.

  6. I love “y’all” being part of my vocab….it is the first word I teach to my Italian students when they are learning English…ha, ha, ha….

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