I Am Walking About Piss’d Off Lately

Where to begin?


Folks: I have not been ‘here’. (There is an obvious statement). I have NOT been here.

OKAY! We got that!



OK: I am not here. Not really here. I want to be somewhere else. Yep. I wanna be some’whar else.

Why? You ask.

Simply because I need to be somewhere else.

I think I will start with Sierra Leon…

Or Ethiopia (Just for Joni)

(Video credit: Leeshan)

Because, I need.

I need to be somewhere else.

Where I can do some good.



7 thoughts on “I Am Walking About Piss’d Off Lately

  1. Hi Lance, I haven’t been here much either (reading WordPress, that is). I too am jonesing for some strange (places and people). If I could go anywhere right now, I would start with Tashkent.

  2. You have mentioned on here frequently that you are an asshole – I don’t believe you are as much of as ass as you say – I think you are more of an angel then you dare admit . . .
    Hoping peace finds your soul soon . . . ☮

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