The Happiest Year of My Life Remembered

The news of late from CNN foretells the fall of Anbar Province and of Baghdad. I spent one year working in Anbar Province. This was the happiest (on record) year of my life.

I am attaching a video and yes it is corny, and yes, the music is somewhat ‘gay’, and no, this was not a video that I made, or would have made.

It is a video made by the Filipinos who worked for/with me during this time. They made this vid as a ‘going away’ present for me when I decided to leave Anbar (Camp Wolfe) to work for an Iraqi company in Baghdad. Filipinos lean toward sentimental, hence their choice of music. To them it was fittin’. I loved them all.

I cherish this video and the sentiment behind it.

I do hope you will watch.



P.S. Hint: I am the guy in the black gimme cap and the black jacket. Bob The Mechanic is the guy with the beard, wearing the overalls.

080116 Wolf Looking Northeast
080116 Wolf Looking Northwest
080116 Wolf Looking Southeast LN LSA


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10 thoughts on “The Happiest Year of My Life Remembered

  1. oh – and nice quote
    “Brevity is the soul of wit”
    but sometimes long is okay too – right? just depends – anyhow, have a great week

  2. well sorry if it reads like spam – I type fast and I just really wanted to leave you a comment on that post because it was so sweet to read- and I like your other posts but do not always have time to leave a comment –
    and I bet that was some concert in ’76 – I am a late bloomer as far as appreciating Willie – only a fan for a few years – but now I love him!

  3. Ya know, Prior…
    I just re-read your comment.
    And great advice.
    My posts tend toward the “longish”
    You, my Good Friend, nailed me.
    I do thank you for that.
    (“Brevity is the soul of wit”)
    Some old guy said that, back in the day…

  4. Dear Prior,
    Your comment reads like spam. (you ever work for an internet sales company??)
    Just kidding.
    Thank you.
    I saw Willie…Live… in Commerce, Amerika…back in ’76.
    David Allen Coe opened the show (for five hours–Willie was late)
    Now… can you imagine? Listening to David Allen Coe singing “You Never Even Called Me By My Name” for five hours?
    Think about that for a minute.

  5. well I love the song they chose -for that video – and was expecting much worse by the way you prepped us 🙂
    anyhow, you know what is extra cool about this post – the way you go down memory line by keeping it so short and sweet – you let the pics and vid do the talking. and what a treasured video it is – you must be a loving dude –
    anyhow, like the willie too – and my fav of his was the outlaws and angles concert – it is so good.
    have a nice day

  6. Thank you Lee.
    Camp Wolfe was the best run site in Iraq (according to my Program Manager for CMC. Hehehehe. MY SITE! I loved living there.)
    We were miles and miles from nowhere. The closest U.S. Military was at Al Asad ninety miles away. We were completely on our own. No one died on my watch and the food was good.

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