I write…

I write some really esoteric shit.



As any who follow… will have noticed… I do not have nor write/written much, of late.

There is a reason for this (yes; trust me)

The raison d’etre is, …

I have nothing to say (that, of course, is a lie)


I have, (really have) been going over and deleting… a lot of my posts. (some of you may have noticed)


Well not to put too fine a point on it, but because they sucked.

That is it.

They sucked.

Here is some promise (which I will not ever be able to consummate…  I won’t post shit anymore that is irrelevant.

(Now, if you believe that… I have a bridge for sale…cheap)

PS The S. Crow vid is worth you five minutes of time. Check it out. (it is the link on the left)


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