Energy Crisis Revisit, Or if You Will: “Gas Lines Redux From the Seventies”

Or, if you will:

“The timing’s all wrong.”

Last Chance… Texico

A RePost


‘Cause I love Rickie Lee Jones.

That is why, oh, and yeah!  Because, to quote one long lost Texan Oilman:

“Please Lord! Just gimme one more oil boom; I do promise I won’t fuck it up (this time).”

Texans actually used to say such words.


Took the LaBomba  (at the behest of my Brit Better Half) today to the Kroger’s Gas Station to fuel her up, and as usual, I was in a hurry.

Texans have become far too urbanized in my humble opinion. But I have spent so much time overseas in places where impatience is a virtue (France comes immediately to mind), that I have lost that “Lovin’ Feelin’”

This was a rather long queue.

I sallied up behind two vehicles, replete with two consumers of fossil fuel.

Thought I:

“This may take just five minutes.”

Au contraire!

The first finished in a timely fashion.

The second…


He was fueling a Prius. (Is that a car? A real car? Bullshit!)

Said consumer proceeded to ‘fuel’ his little gay car. (Certainly the tank held no more than twelve gallons). This took five minutes.

Then. Then! He proceeded to spend twelve or fourteen minutes, oh so carefully, draining yet another half cup of petrol into the gas tank.

So, I am thinking: “This ain’t ‘The Last Chance Texaco’, Asshole.”

Vid Credit: KOUJI328I

“Get on wid it and get the fuck outta my way!”

It took all the fiber of my being to refrain from getting out of my Gas Guzzler SUV and knock him right on his ass. Right before I asked him if he were an idiot or just plain stupid, or both (At this point there were no less than four vehicles behind us, waiting…)

But I just sat there, fuming (no pun)

You see? I really have mellowed and  matured. (Proud of me?)




Do you ever experience queue Rage?

Do morons piss you off?

Do I piss you off?

And, yes: I really am in love with Rickie Lee.

And that, that! will piss no one off.

Except maybe some women who still call me… ‘friend’

“Lance, you have always been star-struck.”

Some GF actually said this to me, back in the day. Can you imagine?

(‘Tis true; I must confess)

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