Tooth Update

(Yes, I know. All y’all been waiting with baited breath, no pun, for this post)

The problem really isn’t the tooth per se. It’s the rebar that the dentist pounded into it some years back. The tooth even then was pretty much gone and I had not the time nor inclination (nor money) to have a root canal, so I just told him to patch it up and let me get on with it.

He sank that rebar into my tooth and tried to build something around it.

Worked great.

Until a few days ago when all the ‘tooth’ fell away and I was left with just the rebar, sticking up and shredding the underside of my tongue every time I tried to swallow.

Which is problematic for someone who likes to drink. (But never fear: I found a work-around: A straw.)

I tried to file it down with a file from one of those toe-nail clippers.

No dice.

Then I found a pair of dikes and while holding a small flashlight in one hand and the dikes in the other, went at it.


No dice.

Just could not find a proper purchase.

And by the way, to quote Lenny quoting Will Rogers:

“I never met a dyke I didn’t like.”


The rebar remains.

And it is painfully reminding me that I should invest more in my oral hygiene.

You will have to scroll to the very end of the clip to get the great line, but I highly recommend you watch the entire bit, just for entertainment.

11 thoughts on “Tooth Update

  1. Fuk U WP!

    (Have I ‘iterate’d this sentient sentiment b4?
    Moist Likely…

  2. Now you understand. I did post a post regarding this, used a pair of dikes on the rod, then the bit about dykes.
    I thought it funny…

  3. Rebar is that metal rod used at construction sites. I used the term rather loosely to describe how it feels when it assaults ones tongue.
    I.E. It hurts.
    It stands for reinforcement bar.

  4. Hmmmm.. A rebar? I have no idea what that it is, BUT with a description of shredding the side of your tongue, I’m too scared to google it 🙁


  5. Ah now! We are (loosely) quoting Shakespeare?!
    (I love thee for that!)
    Better line, from “Kiss Me Kate”
    “Get thee to a notary!”

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