Lady Rejection

She had done up her hair
I’d seen her standing there
In rain and in shine
Holding up her sign

Almost a living fixture
A living breathing mixture
Of bad luck and circumstance
Bad luck and no finance

But today her hair done neat
Defiantly to speak
With smile upon her face
“I am the Human Race!”

And I became aware
Almost enough to care
Yet caring was my daring

So damn the horns a’blaring

Her sign read ‘Single Mother…’
Her look not like the others
‘Single mother—Laid off work’
(By some inhuman jerk?)

She’d braved the heat
The dusty street
Suffered callous faces
Eyes diverted other places

But today her auburn hair
Was shining everywhere
Bright and done up right
To cancel out her plight

But who would see her showing
Who would look with knowing
The care that she had taken
To be shunned and thus forsaken


Not ‘Her,’ but a reasonable facsimile


Added Value
(Just To Accentuate my Point)

Vid Cred: Jan Hammer


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6 thoughts on “Lady Rejection

  1. A sad poem my friend. It is hard when we are walking the line of emptiness and almost giving-up. You made the reader feel and understand. Thank you for sharing the outstanding poetry.

  2. Her name is ‘Teresa’; she inspired me with her courage. Sadly, I never got to know her. Thank you Sandra for your wonderful comments.

  3. I like the part about having her hair done was an act of defiance. Like a contradiction. Sad story but you captured her fighting spirit so well. I can picture her standing on the corner of a busy street with the world rushing by and people honking at you for noticing her. Beautifully done Lance! Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Thank you Jonathan. I saw this woman everyday on my way to work. She was an inspiration. The woman in the photo is not her, but actually, pretty damn close.

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