For A Moment

Y’all know I have a Fatal Character Flaw:
“Weakness For Redheads.”


“Better Red Than Dead.”

He said.

Oh! Cinnamon Girl!

Vid Cred: Redhead Express

Vid Cred: Europa Scythia

*Sequel to ‘Lady Projection’*


For A Moment

She spoke through my window
Smile and hair still aglow
“Your poem made me cry”
Didn’t even ask her ‘why’

Maybe she’d been moved
Some little pain removed
Someone’s caring care
Had taken it to bear

For a moment

Or merely felt encouraged
Not to be discouraged
Or maybe just persuaded
To feel cautiously elated

Or maybe just contented
By thoughts I had presented
Or words that I had written
Had left her slightly smitten

For a moment

But suddenly I knew
None of it were true
Never could it be
She and me, me and she…

Red gave way to green
Had to leave the scene
The traffic left behind
Some sadness for my mind

Hard truth in the knowing
That simp-ally bestowing
A poem wrapped in money
Makes me anybody’s Honey

For a moment


Cinnamon Girl!

Oh Hell Yeah!

Old, geriatric rockers… Better than the shit we suffer thru today!

This MY Fantasy (Although True)

Do NOT trample on it!

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